How to: Here’s a slideshow of recently made products

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Quick NiftyGridZPro quiz

How do you get a slideshow like this? Hint: it’s using a forced fallback file.

Danger with this method

If Zazzle’s rss feed goes down, the slideshow will be broken and you won’t get a fallback grid shown in its place. Why not? Because you’re already using one!

Yes, the answer to the first question is that you build a fallback file for it and then force it to be shown with mimic_zazzle_down=1.

How do you do build the fallbackfile?

Easy – you use the Nifty Promo Control Panel and get it to build the code for the slideshow you want. You want Step 2->Get code for embedding in other sites->Get the Slideshow embed code.

Once you’ve copied that, you paste it into a new file and then upload that file into your fallback folder.

See the video in this FAQ entry on how to make, upload and test fallback files.

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