Dec 2020

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Nifty Promo Control Panel

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Feedback from regulars is amazing. I hope you enjoy its benefits, too, whatever way makes sense for you to use it.

New feature added in this V3 release: now you can combine multiple feed sources (up to 3) for many tools - see the "Advanced options" section under "More options". Not many will need it but if you do, it's invaluable.

Here's the list of promoting options:

  • A scheduler that works in conjunction with IFTTT (IfThisThenThat) to promote your products automatically
  • Two different types of slideshow pages you can share on social media
  • Individual product sharing from a slideshow - streamlined for
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Zazzle Forum
    • Email sharing
      • Send to customers
      • ...or to autopost blogs
  • Share a slidehsow page to social media
    There's a button you can click to display a QRCode for your slideshow sharer page. It's intended for you to screengrab and use in your promotional material artwork
  • Grid-based page promoting
    • Share a product grid page to social media
      There's a button you can click to display a QRCode for your product grid sharer page. It's intended for you to screengrab and use in your promotional material artwork
    • Print out a "live" catalog for events / art fairs / car and grocery store windows, too!
  • Generate HTML code for pasting into websites and blogs
    • Static Product Grid - pure html
    • Live Product Grid - html and javascript
    • Live-print Catalog - with QRCode
    • Live Slideshow - html and javascript
    • Horizontal Scroller - pure html
    • Vertical Scroller - pure html
    • Slider - pure html
    • Linkify text - pure html

Got questions? Get in touch on Nifty's Zazzle forum topic.

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featured collections for affiliates to consider

Get your Zazzle collection featured here learn more...

A lovely gift and keepsake for newlyweds, anniversary, renewal of marriage vows, and more

This easily personalized Holiday greeting card features your awesome photo tied with a bow knot and Happiest of Holidays text in a thin calligraphy modern script. Makes for a lovely Keepsake

Stylish monogram featuring neoplasticism modern art. Positive mood, good birthday wishes. Fully customizable gifts and party supply products: Wine bottle label, coaster, paper plate, coffee mug

Cool monogram featuring neoplasticism modern art. Positive mood, good birthday wishes. Fully customizable product: happy birthday greeting cards and postcards, ornament, round sticker

A Very 2021 Christmas - Satirical 2021 themed funny holiday greeting cards, gifts and fun decor

Vintage and retro Christmas greeting cards, gifts and holiday decor

Your awesome photos against Christmas holly floral and a modern gold-color frame on front and back of the card. Faith, Hope, Love in brushed-gold calligraphy, perfect for the holiday season

A holiday card, with its swirl of festive gold-tone color snowflakes, has a positive spin on the 2021 Christmas season with a cute and meaningful message "It's a WonderFUR Life!"

Send friends and family a wedding invitation that perfectly expresses your unique style with this elegant romantic watercolor floral bouquet painted on a canvas textured-like backdrop

Send your loved ones warm season's greetings with these modern festive gold framed, Joyful two-picture Christmas cards. Easily insert your personal details along with two of your most awesome photos)

My customers love personalizable photo gifts with templates to customize. A variety of carefully designed unique styles and themes to customize just in time for the Christmas holiday, graduation, or mother's day. Design requests welcome!

Coastal and Nautical Pillows to add a summer beach vibe to your home decor.

Coastal Christmas pattern with white sand dollar and starfish on aqua blue background.

Festive holiday greeting cards and other unique Christmas goodies

Personalized matching Halloween face masks and trick or treating tote bags

Rustic sunflower and roses wedding stationery featuring a natural or blue barn wood background. Thanks for sharing.

Vibrant poinsettia Christmas party invitations which feature a selection of font and color options. I hope this isn’t too early to start thinking about the festive season. Thanks for sharing.

Elegant design features the Olive Branch, a symbol of peace, against a transparent watercolor backdrop. UniqueWedding Theme and wedding gift ideas make perfect for any season.

Add your own photo from those special moments to any of these awesome gift keepsake ideas. Ideal for all special occasions, including wedding, travels, anniversary, birthday, Christmas and more.

Elegant virtual wedding invitations to choose from. Announce your online marriage ceremony with your awesome photo, beautiful minimalistic calligraphy, rustic designs and lovely botanical embelishment

Save the date cards easily customized to impress loved ones. Designs include modern calligraphy script, custom photo, rustic themes with gold frames, and more.

A collection of pillows that I specifically designed for your use!

A collection of cute leggings with designs that I made myself.

A couple of dazzling shoe designs, perfect for any occasion!

Step 1: Getting the products to work with


This step is all about telling Zazzle what you want to work with in your promotion session / campaign.

Once you're happy with your choices and the products you get as a result, you can then move on to step 2, doing the promotion using them.

Note that whenever you make a change and hit enter or click outside the box, the results are updated right away.

Pot luck source:

Your store id is the one used in your Zazzle store url. One of our store urls is and so our store id for it is hightonridley

If you leave Store Id blank, then products will be pulled from the Zazzle marketplace instead.

Working with Zazzle collections

When you want to pull from a particular collection, you'll need the link to the collection to paste here. Get it by visiting the collection and then copying the contents of the browser's address bar. Alernatively, when you get there you can choose Zazzle's share button, then the chain link icon and then copy the contents of the box labelled Link in the dialog box that pops up.

For example, here's a collection link

When you paste the collection link into the box and press enter, it'll be put into the format that Nifty needs. That's it, you'll now have the contents of your collection to work with. If you made changes to your collection very recently, you'll need to wait for Zazzle to reindex it. Until then, you'll get nothing.

Note that with collections, Zazzle ignores some of the choices you could otherwise use. See each choice's help to see if it applies.

Your referral id and associate id are the same thing. One has to be provided, so until you give yours, mine will be used. If you've got an up-to-date subscription, yours will be used on all links.

If you have a Promoter Program subscription, links for your products will be clean and all others will use your referral id and tracking code.

This can be a single word or a group of words to make a phrase, separated with spaces. Don't use quotes or other special characters. What you give is passed to Zazzle for interpretation, so their rules apply as to what you can use here and how it works.

To exclude products, use a dash (minus) in front of a word (no space between the dash and the word). For example christmas -ornament

Ignored when pulling from collections.

This allows you to limit how many you get back when there are plenty available. The maximum size (limit imposed by Zazzle) is 120 when you don't use a collection. When you do, Zazzle limits it to 247, even if more are available in the collection.

Ignored by the nIFTTTy Scheduler, which has its own settings for how many to schedule.

Save your current settings by bookmarking this link:

Bookmarking is how you "save" your settings. All the options that you set using this control panel become encoded in the link given.

When you bookmark the link, those encoded settings are included. This means that when you visit the bookmark later, those settings get used as the initial choices in the form.

Here's the filtered Zazzle feed for the choices you've made so far:

This is here just for your convenience. What you do with it is up to you.

More options

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Step 2: Choose your type of promoting



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If we need to, we'll update the current announcement instead of making a new one.

If you've hidden the news until there's a new announcement, you won't see updates. If you want to check for updates to the existing announcement from time to time, start the tool with this ?shownews=yes (and nothing else) immediately after the .html up in the address bar.

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