NiftyZSort – explore product stats and get a pids list

Works on all major browsers on PC and Mac

This is a really neat tool that let’s you explore the product stats which Zazzle displays when you’re looking at your store’s back end.

You can also use it to export those stats ready for a spreadsheet and to extract a list of pids from any page while you’re there. It doesn’t work with collections pages.

get the bookmarklet here
drag this link:
to your toolbar

NiftyZSort adds new sort options for products in your store’s back end and it’ll also guide you in your promoting, by helping you to choose what to promote.

Ok, onwards… we’re going to visit any old page in our store’s back end and then sort the entries there. We’ll use the bookmarklet to sort by views but you can sort by any of the stats Zazzle lists


Here’s our store’s back end. To prepare, I’ve navigated to the Cards & Postage department (yes, this is an old tutorial), chosen to view by Orders (all time), set the page size to 48 and moved to page 5. This is my starting point as you can see in the screenshot.

You could start anywhere you fancy, maybe in a category and / or for a specific department. Remember, though, that it doesn’t work for collection pages.

End result

First, here’s the end results so you know where we’re heading. It’s been sorted on views (blue) and is highlighting the top 20 performers in red….

To get there…

So this is how I got that. I clicked the NiftyZSort bookmarklet and typed in 20 sviews (see the below…)

Here’s the results of a different set of choices: 20 salltimeperf reverse

Get your NiftyZSort bookmarklet here

NiftyZSort – just drag that link to your toolbar and you’ve got it ready to use on your store’s back end. Yup, that’s all you do to install it! Give it a try, right now!

It’s already transforming my understanding of my sales, and I’ve only been testing it so far! Why not give it a whirl and see how well it guides you on your promoting 😃

Keep reading to find out how to export your stats and / or get the pids for the products.

Export your stats

configured with: 30 viewed export

Well, it’s not really an export – you get to copy a table and that’s what you paste into a spreadsheet. Works brilliantly!

To get it to give you the table, add this word (no quotes) to your NiftyZSort config screen: export (if you want UK rather than US date formats, use exportukdates)

summary dialog

When you click ok, you get a summary dialog:

…followed by the export page opening up:

Roll-up! Roll-up! Get your pids here

…wait, what’s that, what are pids? Pid stands for “product identifier” in Zazzle’s terminology and is the number you see in the link for a product’s page.

Why would you want them? There’s only one reason as far as Nifty is concerned, and that’s to use them in a nIFTTTy Schedule as the source of products to share.

Have a look at the export page above and you’ll see the comma-separated list of pids at the bottom. You’re also given a link to the nIFTTTy Pids Scheduler so you can copy and paste them there as the basis for an IFTTT applet.

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