S6 Nifty Promo Control Panel

12 Oct 2019: New tool released - the Nifty Product Stager. It starts off with product images chosen here and lets you add frames, text and other images to make perfect images for Pinterest pins and other social media sharing.

You also get a link to use with the image when pinning / sharing that takes the visitor to a product grid page they can choose and buy from. It uses the same products pulled when you set up the stager in the first place.

Try the

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(new to Nifty? See using Nifty for the frst time)
(here's the Nifty for Zazzle if you're looking to use that instead)

more Nifty tools, tutorials and FAQs are on the main NiftyToolZ website

I hope you enjoy its benefits, whatever way makes sense for you to use it.

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featured collections for curators to consider

Get your Society6 collection featured here learn more...

Art and homeware with an outer space theme. Great for future astronauts' bedrooms! The mock retro space travel posters are especially cool and sell well.

bags bags bags is a collection of art prints & products made and curated by j0ke.

Art prints, soft furnishings and more following a retro theme by BruxaMagica_susycosta. People will enjoy the simple geometry and bold abstracts that feature throughout.

A variety of North American bird species in all their colorful and whimsical glory. Species featured include: cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, ruby-throated hummingbirds, eastern bluebirds, tree swallows, crows, and red-winged blackbirds

A collection of North American landscapes. Includes, mountains, sea, national parks, sunrise, sunset, landmarks and natural formations. Some whimsical, most are simply nature’s beauty. Beautiful prints for public spaces or private homes.

Seamless pattern designs with digital, watercolor or ink painted flowers. 182 items on mostly home furnishing products and art prints, with some bags and tech, too

Tropical related illustrations and designs on 144 items of soft furnishing, art prints, bags and tech.

Step 1: Getting the products to work with


This step is all about telling Society6 what you want to work with in your promotion session / campaign.

Once you're happy with your choices and the products you get as a result, you can then move on to step 2, doing the promotion using them.

Note that whenever you make a change and hit enter or click outside the box, the results are updated right away.

Your Curator id is the one assigned to you by Society6 when you applied to become one. Don't worry, if you don't have one just leave the default as it is.

Product Source: Collection OR Store search OR Society6 site search

If a collection identifier is present, search is ignored

A collection identifier always follows the pattern artist-name/collection/collection-name

You can pull Society6 products using a collection, a store search or you can search all of Society6.

Collection: If using a collection, the identifier you give must follow the pattern artist-name/collection/collection-name. If a collection identifier is present, the search (if given) is ignored.

Searching: There's some things you need to know about search and how Society6 deals with search. The specifics depend on where you're searching. What you give is passed to Society6 for interpretation, so their rules apply as to what you can use here and how it works.

Searching across the whole of Society6 is a bit different than when searching in stores.

Society6 search - you can use:

  • words from tags, titles and descriptions in your search
  • either a department name (like furniture) or a product name (like benches)
  • the special terms popular, new or random
  • a mixture of all the above

Store search

  • department names or product names are fine
  • popular, new or random can be used with the above
  • you can't use words from tags, titles or descriptions in your search

For concrete examples on how to use this, whether you're a curator or a storekeeper, see this tutorial on getting the most out of the Society6 Nifty Cpanel

Sort type

Only for search - ignored for collections. Where the number of matching products is greater than 42, you can request which page number of (42) results you want to use for promoting.

Note that the nIFTTTy Scheduler will start at the given page.

This allows you to limit how many you pull.
For search, you get 42 on each page and that means 42 is the most you can have.
Collections don't have multiple pages, so all products appear on a single page. This means you put in the size of the collection or a smaller number, as desired.

This allows you to limit how many you pull from the collection. Put in the size of the collection or a smaller number, as desired.

sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to pull, so if you get nothing, use this button to try again

Save your current settings by bookmarking this link:

Bookmarking is how you "save" your settings. All the options that you set using this control panel become encoded in the link given.

When you bookmark the link, those encoded settings are included. This means that when you visit the bookmark later, those settings get used as the initial choices in the form.

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Step 2: Choose your type of promoting

Here's the results of the choices made in Step 1