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Simplest Storefront Demo

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Shortcode used for the above grid and search form:

[niftygridzpro title_font_size="11px" title_alignment="center" cell_max_width="180px" cell_border_color="#ffffff" cell_background_color="#ffffff" cell_font_color="#333333" description_font_size="11px" description_alignment="left" description_length="0" include_product_names_in_titles=1 include_by_line=0 include_price_line=0 include_tags_line=0 store_or_collection="hightonridley" search_term="monogram" sort_type="popularity" sort_direction="desc" page_size="8" page_number="1" product_background_color="ffffff" tracking_code="ngrdzwp_exstp1" allow_interaction=1]

See the code used for the page here

In this way of using NiftyGridZPro, you can easily build an entire store. You do the stuff that surrounds this white content area and NiftyGridZPro does everything inside. Imagine pretty graphics, a banner, your branding, tabs for store sections etc. in place of those 3 drop-downs!

However you choose to let your visitors navigate around your store, all you do is build the set of (url) parameters based on their choices and reopen the page using them.

(you must allow visitor interaction to use this method. Switch it on in your shortcode options with allow_interaction=1. If you want to take full control and don’t want your visitors to see the inbuilt form, use show_visitor_search_form=0)

Visitors can booklink the page when they’ve made their various choices and like what they see. When they come back via the bookmark, they see the same (albeit maybe shuffled around some as popularity shifts happen).

Here’s a link I bookmarked earlier, pasted here so you can see it. Go on, click/tap it and see:

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