set your schedule

With nIFTTTy you can schedule up to twelve shares per day on selected days of the week. The product at the bottom shows the first from your pid list, once entered. Just for reassurance :)

Basic stuff

Schedule for which days?

Suggested time slot schedules

Schedule these 30min time slots - no overlaps, and with 1 earlier than 2, earlier than 3 etc. Use one or more of them, it's up to you but don't use a later time slot if there's an unused earlier one:

All times are in GMT (=UTC/Internet Time)
GMT Time now:
The pinning/sharing date is automatically added to the tracking code. It's in USA format (mmddyy) by default.
Save your current settings by bookmarking this link:

Enter your comma-separated list of Pids in the order you want them scheduled:

...or you can drag the following bookmarklet link to your bookmarks toolbar (you need only do this once) and automatically compile them from any Zazzle site search results page. Visit the search results page and click your new bookmarklet. Then copy and paste the results above. Here's the link to drag: NiftyZPids

The following is for you to use in an IFTTT applet. When making one, for the IF This bit you choose the "Feed" icon, the Trigger being a "New feed item" and the "Feed URL" being what you copy and paste from the below.

When you copy, it's put on your clipboard ready for pasting.
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