NiftyGridZPro V3.6 released – Buy Now buttons

V3.6 introduces a global (and shortcode) option to display a Buy Now button overlaid on each product image in your grids. See our previous post, for details and screenshots.

So now there’s no question that the displayed products are for sale if you switch on the global option. In turn, this should give a small boost to your chances of making a sale.

We’ve updated the FAQ with relevant info and at the same time made the new plugin versions available to purchasers. We’ve emailed the new versions to existing customers, so if that’s you, you should have received yours by now. If you haven’t, drop us a note at the usual email address.


Coming soon in V3.6 – requested feature: Buy Now buttons

We received a request to include “buy now” buttons on each displayed product. So obvious, we didn’t think of it!

The buttons adopt the theme styling (but with xx-small text), so on ours they look like this:

There will be also be a global setting (via your settings screen) so you can switch it on (or off) for all posts, including existing ones, that display products using NiftyGridZPro. Initially, products will not display the buttons.

global setting for product buy me button
Admin panel showing global setting for product buy me buttons

The global setting will be able to be over-ridden with a shortcode option, like this: show_product_button=0 (off) or 1 (on)

See it in use here:

Expect v3.6 to be released next week.