Halloween Invitations

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  • Party Invite

    Party Invite

    price: $2.01
    Spooky frame party invite. Perfect for a Halloween Party, Cocktail Party, Spooktacular Dinner Party, etc. CHANGE THE TEX...
    design: WOWWOWMEOW

    tags: invitation, party, halloween, fancy, dress, bats, skull, gothic, vampire, horror...
  • Victorian Gothic

    Victorian Gothic

    price: $2.15
    Vintage Halloween Invitation Victorian Gothic
    design: wicked_stationery

    tags: skeleton, halloween, halloween party, costume, vintage halloween, spirits, spook...
  • Invitation


    price: $1.90
    Halloween party invitations featuring a vintage background, creepy zombie clown dolls and a spooky personalized template...
    design: special_stationery

    tags: halloween party, all hallows eve, all saints eve, creepy, hallowed evening, adul...
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  • Invitation


    price: $1.90
    Vintage victorian gothic halloween party invitation. The text can be changed using right the "Details" menu. T...
    design: Art_Design_by_Mylini

    tags: halloween, halloween party, costume, vintage halloween, spooky, gothic halloween...
  • Invitation


    price: $1.90
    Spooktacular Dark Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation. (1) For further customization, please click the "custo...
    design: CardHunter

    tags: halloween, halloween bash, spooky, pumpkin, jack o lantern, costume, haunted hou...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $1.90
    Modern Halloween Kids Costume Party Invitation. (1) For further customization, please click the "customize further...
    design: CardHunter

    tags: funny, halloween, kids, costume party, kids halloween costume party, children, b...
  • Shower Invitation

    Shower Invitation

    price: $2.11
    Halloween Baby Shower Invitation, Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation, Halloween Invitation, Fall Baby Shower Invitations, Ha...
    design: SugSpc_Invitations

    tags: halloween, baby, shower, witch, invitation, theme, pumpkin, fall, october, boy g...
  • Birthday Invitation

    Birthday Invitation

    price: $1.95
    Kids Halloween Birthday Invitation / Halloween Costume Party Invitation / Halloween Party Invites All designs are ©...
    design: HappyPandaPrint

    tags: halloween invitation, halloween birthday invitation, halloween birthday party, h...
  • Elegant Invitation

    Elegant Invitation

    price: $2.21
    Elegantly scary, this invitation is designed with a white marble and flourish background adorned with bats and gold acce...
    design: Lucky_Plum_Studio

    tags: invitation, bats, spooky, halloween, party, halloween invitation, black, classy,...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $1.90
    This creepy vintage Halloween birthday party invitation features flying bats, black widow spiders, floral heart and gobl...
    design: CelestialTidings

    tags: gothic, vintage, halloween, birthday, party, bats, skull, spiders, costume, red
  • Party Invite

    Party Invite

    price: $2.36
    Set the stage for your spooky Halloween party with this vintage toe tag theme invitation. Customize it to change even mo...
    design: BanterandCharm

    tags: toe tag, vintage, antique, halloween party, halloween invitations, party invites...
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New tutorial added for free WordPress Blog owners

If you’re an owner of a free WordPress blog, you’ll know that it’s really hard to make posts that help to promote your Zazzle store’s designs.

That’s all changed now with (some) support for them added to Nifty. What’s this support? Nifty now makes it easy to share product grid sharer pages on them, with a really attractive image automatically generated form the first five products in the grid.

If you want one for your free WordPress blog, follow this tutorial and never look back.

Want to see one in action? Have a look at this (opens in new window)

New multi-product sharing image for Product Grid Sharer

We’ve updated Nifty and the Product Grid Sharer so, when you share to pinterest, facebook and twitter, you get an image made up of the first five products from the grid. It’s a bit like the image you get when sharing a collection directly from Zazzle.

We’ll give it a chance for any bugs to surface before doing the same for the Slideshow Sharer.

We’ve chosen an image proportion that works on Twitter and Facebook, and one with a vertical format for Pinterest.

Here’s what it looks like on each:




Nasap – the new Nifty tool on the block


We’ve had to withdraw this tool – IFTTT refused to play nicely with the approach we used. The random selection that made sure everyone shared different products just didn’t work out properly and very little was actually being shared after a handful of days.

To those of you who tried it, we’re sorry it ended up this way.

You can leave your exisiting pins / tweets / shares. They’re all fine and may actually lead to success in the “long tail” – ie over a period of a few months or longer. See Wikipedia’s entry for long tail.

Save even more time when speed-sharing

Update: We’ve done this now for both the Zazzle and Society6 Nifty CPanels

the just-added all-in-one speed-sharer
the new all-in-one speed-sharer – click to try

If you’re doing a promoting session where you want to promote the same select few products down more than one social media channel, until we added this update what you’d have likely done would be to open tabs for each of the speed-sharers and then flicked between those tabs, speed-sharing as you go.

With the new all-in-one speed sharer, they’re combined into one. No more flicking back and forward between tabs. It may seem like a small thing but it saves lots of time when you need to promote this way.

Examples of when you’d be using this approach

  • You’ve done a bunch of designing and you want to get your newest stuff “out there”, coordinated across your social media channels.
  • You’re having a little bit of a promotion campaign for a a few tightly-focussed product designs and you want to share in a coordinated way across your social media channels

Why is this coordination important?

When you coordinate across your channels in this way, it increases the chances of your share being seen by more people (ie a few from Facebook, a few from Twitter and some from Pinterest).

If you’re focussing on attracting potential custom by including a promo code, coordinating across the channels can boost your results.

Coordinating in this way can also give each product a little bit more prominence in search engines.

So, we hope you enjoy the time-saving you gain with this. 😎