The NiftyGridZPro WordPress Plugin for Zazzle Artists and Affiliates

NiftyGridZPro faux product box

Key Plugin Benefits

don’t lose half your potential sets of eyes!
The NiftyGridZPro plugin is 100% friendly on mobile and tablet

don’t let your site break and lose revenue!
NiftyGridZPro has fallback grids for when Zazzle’s feed mechanism is down

Watch a 3 minute vid showing how easy it is to insert a product grid into a blog post with the plugin.

(see more how-to videos here in the FAQ)

More plugin benefits…

screenshot of a bog post with a plugin produced product grid
A NiftyGridZ on a blog post
  • Exquisite, responsive, live product grids
  • And live grids means never having broken images or links!
  • Never have an empty page or broken site again when you use the NiftyGridZPro plugin’s fallback grids. They make sure you’re still showing a product grid when Zazzle’s feed mechanism is down
  • Broadcast and rotate your announcements across all product grids with global slot messaging – all in real time!
  • Display Google Ads in all eligible product grids, if you choose
  • Choose as little or as much info as you want displayed with each product
  • Personalize products shown in the grid for specific clients with the template text options
  • Keep your visitors engaged for longer by switching on the inbuilt search form

Plugin Features

  • Totally flexible where you get products for them – from store, market place or collection
  • All Zazzle methods for choosing them are supported, too – department, category, page number and search term (but not, unfortunately, for collections. Not until Zazzle makes that possible.)
  • Sort by popularity or date created is supported when pulling your grid from Zazzle.
  • Define your own fallback grids to suit your site’s needs (easy peasy with our Nifty Promo Control Panel)
  • Fully supports referral ids, tracking codes and promo codes
  • Use in blog posts, pages and/or widgets – up to you
  • Double(?) your referral successes with local domains feature
  • You can exclude the Zazzle-added product names in titles if you want. This is useful when you repurpose a product. Let’s say you use business cards to make wedding table cards. You don’t want titles like “Pearl table cards business cards”, do you?
  • Optional grid navigation and search form (not shown):

  • Sort options allow you to re-sort the pulled grid by price, date, title and by-line (high to low or low to high)
  • Advanced: Interaction mode gives you a way to fully control the contents of the displayed grid, in line with “navigation choices” you let visitors make. Here’s an example
  • Advanced: Change products’ template text content and display the updated images to your visitors. Example

The conclusion?

If you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free way to include robust, 100% accessible product grids on your WordPress site, this plugin is it.

As the NiftyGridZPro plugin is designed by a Zazzler, specifically for Zazzlers, you’ll find that it’s perfectly tuned to take into account Zazzle’s little foibles!

And one last powerful feature for advanced users: you can drive NiftyGridZPro via url parameters. See the FAQ for more on this.

Here’s a searchable, two-product NiftyGridz with all the trimmings

<1 of 20+>
  • Motivational Words #1 positive encouragement Business Card

    Motivational Words #1 positive encouragement Business Card

    price: $36.75
    Motivational Words series: Being positive! Here's a great business card design using motivational words art that is perf...

    keywords: motivational words, motivation, positive thinking, positive attitude, positive o...
  • Motivational Quote: Everything you want is on... Coffee Mug

    Motivational Quote: Everything you want is on... Coffee Mug

    price: $16.70
    A motivational quote saying "Everything you want is on the other side of fear". This is a great mug to give to...

    keywords: motivational quote, wise saying, face your fear, encouragement, positive quote, ...
<1 of 20+>
Search for:
How many to get (max 120):

You can see above that we’ve included the price, given a maximum length for the description and included each product’s tags.

Go on, give the search or nav buttons a go!

Easy Plugin Installation

Simple Zipfile upload using standard WordPress plugin upload and installation.

Full instructions with screenshots given.

Great plugin licensing options

– one for every circumstance, free and paid choices

Shortcode & options

NiftyGridZPro shortcode builder screenshot

Rather than trying to remember them all, there’s a user-friendly helper page for generating them. It also lets you save your defaults / choices for whenever you need them.

The options are grouped and cover:

  • Getting content for your product grid
  • Customizing the content shown for each product
  • Custom styling of the product display

…with sensible defaults for them all.

Your simplest product grid is put into a blog post or a page wherever you want it with no more than this shortcode: [niftygridzpro]
You have to admit that’s really straightforward!

Plugin Resources


  • All images have alt tags (helps with vision-impaired access and a must-have for seo)
  • All links use rel=”nofollow” as per Google’s recommendation
  • Including tags can be helpful as long as all products are closely related. When they are, you should end up with the tightly focussed tags that search engines adore
  • Because posts/pages are produced “server-side”, everything is super-easy for Google and other search engines to index
  • Live grids means the content changes over time: search engines love fresh, changing conent!


If there’s enough interest, we’ll add further capability. Ideas in the mix:

  • slideshows, sliders and scrollers
  • filter resulting grid by keyword (eg must include / must not include) and keep pulling from subsequent pages until target number reached (or none left)