Nifty Social Media 1-Slot / 2-Slot Product View Animator for Zazzle

Automatically creates a vertical or horizontal animation of the product views Zazzle gives on a product page. Sensible defaults mean you get what’s needed for your social media with the minimum of effort.

If you can’t wait, get your bookmarklet now at this link:
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I went to this page on Zazzle: Pillars of Creation Gift Wrap (opens in a new tab), clicked the Nifty 2SlotPVA bookmarklet and got this:

a screenshot of the bookmarklet template choices for the product view animator
the bookmarklet’s dialog for choosing an animation layout

As you can see I chose Option 4 and this is what I got after the animation maker page opened and some stuff happened behind the scenes:

The default animation created for Gift Wrap when bookmarklet option 4 was chosen - horizontal orientation, static image on left, animation on right
the default animation that got created (static image on left, animation on right)

But I wanted more, so I clicked the stop and set options button….

Options Panel for more control

If you want more control over what views are used in the animation and any text to go with it, there’s an options panel for you to use.

a screenshot showing the options panel and the various aspects of the animation that can be set using it.

Above you can see what the panel looked like after I set things up for the final animation.

An animated gif image showing a static product view on the left and an animation of the remaining product views on the right.
There are two lines of centred text, one at the top and one at the bottom abd they use the font set in the options panel.
the final animation after setting the options described below

Here’s the choices I made:

  • dragged the last image (number 12) into position 1 – that put it into the static slot on the left
  • deleted two of the original 12 product views that I didn’t want in the animation
  • clicked the button to get some random call-to-action text and edited it to put in the product name
  • changed the text option to static
  • chose the font I wanted – Emilys Candy
  • left the font-size at auto

After setting those options, I clicked the generate button to apply the changes and I got my updated animation (above).

Watch a video instead

This 6 minute video tutorial takes you through the steps of getting your bookmarklet and creating your first product views animation, using the above gift wrap product as an example.

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