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Funeral Director gold stripes and rising phoenix Name Plate (Side)
Funeral Director gold stripes and rising phoenix Name Plate
by HightonRidley

This desk nameplate is for a funeral director, undertaker or mortician. It has a gold embossed-look rising phoenix to give an empathic, spiritual feel and uses a font to inspire confidence

Your own slogan

If you’re new to being a Mortician and are setting out on your own, one of the things to consider is the branding for your business. Key to getting it right is composing a great slogan that’ll serve you well for years to come.

It needs to be:

  • Simple – straightforward language, no big words
  • easy to undestand at a glance
  • get across your service offering
  • in conjunction with your logo, help people build up a picture of what they can expect and how you’ll treat them as a customer


About that logo…

If you’re happy to use pre-designed template logos like you get on Zazzle, you’ll save yourself a ton of money. That’s when compared to paying a graphic designer to design one specifically for you. And as long as the logo incorporates or is included with your (or your company’s) initials, then it’ll definitely be unique to you.

You may be worried about other people using the same template you’ve chosen and then there being confusion of your brand in the marketplace. The simple answer is – don’t be. The logo is only one aspect. Your company name and, more often than not, your slogan, will always appear alongside it – removing any possible confusion.

It’s because of this that the chances are so remote and the reason you needn’t worry. For example, with 22,000 funeral directors in the USA (if that’s where you’re based) you’ll be fine.

See and get templates from Zazzle that work

The term for all the branded material a business uses is “Marketing collateral”. It’s the phrase used to cover any digital or printed material used to communicate or promote a company’s brand message, products and services.

In this listing of templated marketing collateral from Zazzle you’ll find a wide range of items for your funeral director business to cover most circumstances – including promotional give-aways.

<1 of 8>
<1 of 8>

Page through to see the full range. Don’t forget that all text is template text, meaning it’s as easy as abc to change it to what you want to make it your own.

Funeral Mortician Services, Heart and Roses Business Card (Front)
Funeral Mortician Services, Heart and Roses Business Card
by HightonRidley

This business card template is designed specifically for Morticians / Undertakers – or you can change it to other titles within the funeral service profession to suit your needs.

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