Product stager for Zazzle, Society6 and other PODs

Now you can use the product stager to stage your products any way you want – ready for screenshots for your social media – brilliant for Pinterest!

Why not give it a try right now? Here’s a link to the Zazzle stager with products for a children’s party (opens in a new tab) and link for an image you can use×81.png

Alternatively, here’s a link to the Society6 stager with tote bags or a general one for other PODs (you manually add all product images)

a screenshot showing products in the middle of being staged with frames and text
product staging made easy

This latest release gives you a link you can use with your screenshot that will take visitors to a product grid page of the same products you used in opening up the stager. When they get there, they’ll be able to tap/click and buy.
You can also add simple rectangular frames, your own images (such as a logo or favourite graphic) and add text to the stage. Keep reading for more!

a finished image made with the stager
here’s an example of the results of using the stager with an image frame
another example of an image made with the stager
another example with simple frames and a logo and a Zazzle banner

Whether you’re using the Society6 Nifty Promo Control Panel or the Nifty Promo Control Panel for Zazzle, you’ll find the button for the product stager in Step2:

a screenshot showing the location of the flexible product stager button in Nifty
the product stager button – this is from the Zazzle Nifty but it’s the same for Society6

To use it, just set up Nifty to “pull” the products you want – you can get them from your store, from a collection or from the marketplace.

Set the number requested to a good few more than you’ll want to stage – just to make sure you’ve got enough. Experience will tell you how many to go for.

a screenshot showing where you set the number you want for your product staging
setting how many to request for your product staging
(Society6 is shown but it’s in the same place for Zazzle)

See what Tailwind has to say about designing pins for Pinterest

Pre-staging Area

Thanks to feedback received, in the latest release we’ve now got a pre-staging area. Originally, all product images were loaded straight onto the stage. This was fine with only a few but when there were plenty, it meant a lot of time spent deleteing the ones you didn’t want.

So now they’re initially loaded into the pre-staging area and fron there you clik any you want on the stage. With this approach, you also get the chance to set the size of an image when it gets there, which is really cool!

screenshot of the pre-staging area with product images ready to select for the stage
pre-staging area where you click an image to add it to the stage

A shout goes out to Christie C for being the first to make this suggestion! You know who you are 💐

Getting image frames

Here’s what the image frames loader section looks like. It’s also got a shortened link you can copy to go with your screenshot when you share it on social media. You’ll aslo find some helpful tips on using the product stager.

Note that Pinterest doesn’t allow shortened links, so here’s what to do instead. Just click the shortened link and copy the contents of the address bar in the new tab that opens. Simple, you’ve now got the link to go with your pin on Pinterest 🙂

a screenshot showing the section under the stage where you can get a link to go with your screenshot, load image frames and read tips
If you scroll down from the stage, you’ll see where you can get a link to use with your screenshot, load image frames and get tips on using the stager

For now, the image frames you can use are the same as those available to use in the Zazzle nIFTTTy Scheduler. See them all here

Simple coloured image frames

You can add simple rectangular frames to the stage to help in your creative quest for the perfect pin / image.

a screenshot showing simple rectangular colour frames on the stage
simple colour rectangular image frames – a wide border width gives you a solid colour

Add as many as you need. Remember, you can always edit them once they’re on the stage. Just toggle the edit panes and work from there.

a screenshot showing the controls to set up a simple colour frame before adding it to the stage
Setting up a simple colour frame before adding it to the stage

The simple colour frames behave in the same way as the image frames and images. You can change their stage layer order and delete them with the buttons on the stage. Resizing works the same way as the others, too.

Use your own graphics

Add as many of your own images as you like. As long as they’re publicly accessible, everything will be fine. Just paste in a link where shown and add it to the stage with the button provided.

a screenshot showing where you can add your own graphics to the product stager
adding your own graphics

This is where you add product images from PODs other than Zazzle and Society6. You can even add product images from the grid displayed at the bottom of the Nifty Promo Control Panel using this technique. Cool!

All you have to do is to get the image link/url. Right-click and copy is your friend here 🙂

Adding stage text

Stage text can be multi-line and in any colour. There’s a selection of fonts you can use that should cover pretty much any design / target audience.

screenshot showing where you can see the available fonts and where to add text to the stage
adding stage text and where to see available fonts

As with all the other objects, you can have as many as you like and they can be resized, rotated, dragged and have their layer position adjusted.

Add a ruler to the stage

This is the first of the (possibly growing list of) asset images you can add to the stage

a screenshot showing how to add a ruler to the stage
adding a ruler to the stage

Click the ruler and its link is added into the Add you own images section ready for you to click the button and add it to the stage.

Get help with the green help buttons

Find useful help specific to an object by clicking its green ? help button. Click again to close the help panel it opened.

a screenshot of the "object add" section showing the green help buttons
useful help is available with the green ? help buttons

Editing on the stage

Once you’ve put them on the stage, frames and text can be edited with the edit panes. They make it really easy to fine-tune your design and give it the polish needed to attract those all-essential clicks!

a screenshot showing the edit panes in use on the stage
edit panes let you change the attributes of the frames and text on the stage

To use them, toggle the edit panes with the button on the left. Drag the panes into a convenient place if they’re in the way and then select the text or frame you want to change. When the selection / transform handles are showing, you’re ready to edit.

Put a check mark next to the attribute(s) you want to change and away you go. When you’re ready, hit the apply changes button. So easy!

Saving and Loading Templates

You’ll save lots of time with this really exciting capability. It lets you put together common layouts and save them as templates ready for next time.

a screenshot of the save / load panel for templates
saving and loading template files

Once you’ve assembled a great layout, just hit the button to generate your template file and then download it onto your computer with the link that appears. Anything on the background or foreground layers will be saved. Only frames and text will be saved from the image layer, not any images. The reason for that is down to a web limitation.

If you’re interested in finding out about that limitation, it’s called CORS – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (opens in a new tab)

The load / save feature is only available on the generic POD Product Stager for now. The Zazzle and Society6 ones will be updated to include it shortly.

If you’ve got any suggestions for improving the product stager, please get in touch in the usual ways.

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