NiftyRSPids for auto-sharing your Recent Sales

Quickly get your Recent Sales for sharing automatically with the nIFTTTyPid Scheduler. When you use the NiftyRSPids bookmarklet, you’ll be automatically pinning / sharing them on social media in no time!

a screenshot showing a typical export window when you use the NiftyRSPids on a page of your Royalty History Report on Zazzle
NiftyRSPids export window

Get what you need from the export window when you use it on your Royalty History Report on Zazzle.

You just copy and paste the list of PIDs at the bottom (PID = Product ID) into the nIFTTTy Pid Scheduler.

When you’ve done that, you just set up your schedule as normal and make a new IFTTT applet with the feed url you’re given.

Have a look at the nIFTTTy Pid Scheduler to see where to paste your pids.

So the obvious question first…

What’s a bookmarklet? It’s what you get when you drag a link to your toolbar (Firefox) (or bookmarks bar in Chrome). Because this link is made in a special way, it can do fancy stuff when you click it in your toolbar.

Here’s how you get the bookmarklet

Just drag this link and drop it on your toolbar: NiftyRSPids and that’s it done!

Using the bookmarklet

To use the bookmarklet, get to any page in your Royalty History Report and tap/click it. Before you do, you might like to set the page size of your report first. Zazzle lets you have 25, 50 or 100 showing. It really is that simple.

You could also use the date range facility, just make sure you keep the final number of pids to 100 or below. IFTTT won’t be able to cope with too many.

👮🏼‍ Your Data Privacy

You can rest assured, as your privacy is something we take really seriously.

Only you can see your Royalty History data. This means we can’t see any information from that report. Anyone who knows about such stuff can check the code in behind the bookmarklet to confirm that nothing sneaky is going on.