Get a Nifty Mentoring Subscription

This type of subscription is for Zazzle and Society6 artists who want one-to-one help in learning how to promote with Nifty. The mentoring part lasts for 2 months, after which it becomes a normal subscription, with all the usual benefits.

The great thing about going this route is that you get:

✅ Real-time mentoring over Facebook Messenger (the only option)
✅ Hand-held tutoring to suit your starting point and pace
✅ Learn by doing with your mentor by your side
✅ Screenshots are used lots to help get things across
✅ No question too dumb to ask
✅ Guidance on setting and putting a promotion strategy into action, including automation with Nifty

We’re not promising to turn you into a pro-promoter but we’ll point you in the right direction and help you become an expert with the tools you’ll need on your journey from apprentice to master. 🙂

Everyone’s journey is different but expect maybe ten, twenty or more hand-holding sessions of varying length up to an hour or two to get you from 0 to proficient at promoting on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and in the real world.

How does the mentoring work?


This option is only open to people who use Facebook Messenger, as that’s what we use to answer your questions and give guidance in real-time. We use screenshots a lot in those one-to-ones to show exactly what we mean and Messenger makes all that easy.


After you sign up, between us, we’ll arrange for the first session. If there’s something you really want to cover first, then that’s what we’ll do. Each session is based around getting you something concrete you can use there and then to promote with.

We’re totally flexible. If something comes up your end, no worries, we can pick up again where we left off when it suits you.

Ongoing mentoring

We take into account how well you’re doing and will patiently go over things, getting you to keep practicing until you’re confident in your understanding. And we’ll do this for each tool in turn.

If you’d rather, we’ll take the lead and choose small, bite-sized things for you to do, each with a practical end result you can do something with. You’ll then have a solid foundation you can build on.

As you learn your way around the tools, we’ll point you at specific tutorials and guides for you to complete that will round out your promoting. As you learn how to use the tools, you’ll also be learning how to use them as part of an overall strategy!

We’ve developed a motto, sort of, for this service:

“No question is too dumb to ask”.

People say they find it reassuring…

How much does it cost?

It’s $60 covering the first two months, as that’s while on-call mentoring applies, and then it’s only $12 per month after that.

So get yours now by filling in your Zazzle associate id and / or your Society6 curator id and hit the subscribe button:

Zazzle referral / associate id
Society6 curator id

Things you need to know:

  • Zazzle affiliates. Zazzle changed things starting in April 2019. If you find you’ve been opted out (it’ll only happen once) you’ll need to opt in via your Zazzle account to get your referral id.
  • Society 6 affiliates (aka curators). You have to apply to be a curator on Society6. When you do, you’ll be given your Curator Id.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the mentoring aspect, the membership benefits are all as per a normal Nifty Subscription

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