Improved nIFTTTy Schedule setup when filtering

We’ve improved things when you use filtering in what you’re scheduling. When you are, you’ll see a new button count remaining after filtering.

When you click it, behind the scenes Nifty works out how many are left after applying your filter(s) and then fills in the box with the answer.

The absolute maximum that Zazzle lets you get at is 1000 and so filtering will always get you fewer than that.

screenshot showing new button you get when using filters
a new button appears when you’ve set up filtering in Nifty


The geeky bit – please feel free to ignore 🙂

It’s important to make sure that Zazzle has at least as many available as the number you put in the how many to schedule box. When you’re not filtering, max possible is the way to go (unless you want fewer for some reason).

It’s important because it’s used to create a list of numbers representing the products to be scheduled. If there’s more in the list than there are products available, then you’ll end up not getting a pin / share for each missing one.

It takes the scheduler no time at all to get the size of the list of numbers to make except when you’re filtering. It just takes too long to work out how many are left after filtering each time IFTTT runs your applet (aka connection). Going that way, IFTTT would time out and therefore would fail to pin / share.

And that’s why, when you use filtering, it needs to be worked out ahead of time with that new button.

New Nifty for Zazzle’s Promoter Program

Great news! The version of the Nifty tools suite that supports the new Zazzle Promoter Program has now been released!

How it will work

The new Nifty Promoter Program Membership works as follows:

  • You pay for your Nifty Promoter Program Membership and
    • register the stores covered by your Zazzle Promoter Program account
    • register the account’s Associate Id
  • When you use Nifty with that Associate Id (aka referral id) and promote products from your registered stores, all links created will be ‘clean’ – that is, no referral id, tracking code or promo code will be included
  • When you use Nifty with that Associate Id (aka referral id) and you promote from the marketplace, links for products from your registered stores will be clean, all others will include your referral id, tracking code and (if set) the promo code


✅ Clean links will earn you a whopping 35% self-referral commission
✅ Links with your referral id and tracking code will earn you the usual 15% referral commission
✅ Your Promoter Program account will not be eligible for the Volume Bonus program

Note that the way it works is determined by Zazzle. The above is all based on answers we’ve received from them about the Promoter Program workings.

What will you be able to do with Nifty as a member of the Promoter Program?

Now the new Nifty has been released you’re be able to:

✅ Automatically pin many dozens of your links on Pinterest daily (with or without classy image frames)
✅ Share shareable slideshows of your products on social media (they won’t ‘slide’ until the image is clicked and the visitor gets taken to the slideshow page on the Nifty website)
✅ Use the speed-sharer to get your links onto social media real fast – all with hashtags created from your product’s tags
✅ Share the speed-sharer on social media so others can speed-share your links on their social media!
✅ Share links on social media to shareable pages of your product grids on the Nifty website – for those without web sites
✅ Make widgets for slideshows, scrollers, speed-sharers, product grids – and more – for your blogs and websites (yes, even free WordPress sites!)

Of course, you can still do all of the above with products from other artists and earn the 15% referral commission but we wanted to focus on the Promoter Program. But don’t worry, Nifty automatically creates the right sort of link depending on whether or not the product being promoted is yours.

Enhanced nIFTTTy Scheduler – now at V6

new controls: add 5 mins, subtract 5 mins and how many to schedule

We’ve made two major enhancements in this version and one minor one.

Minor enhancements

The minor ones are a couple of buttons to add and subtract 5 minutes to the timeslots set by any of the other buttons (or as set manually by you). It’s there to make it easier for you to get small variations in the timeslots and so give you finer control over when your pins / shares are made.

Of course, it’s still up to IFTTT as to when it does the checking of your applet…

You can press it as many times as you want – but make sure the last timeslot doesn’t move to the following day.

Major enhancements

The first is the much easier way we’ve given you to tell the scheduler how many you want to pin / share from your selection.

The help for that is shown below.

help for the new feature

The second major enhancement we’ve made is in the way nIFTTTy selects products for pinning / sharing (for anything but collections).

Before, nIFTTTy pinned / shared products in the same order that they appeared in the results given by Zazzle. The disadvantage to that was particularly obvious on Pinterest. You see, as various seasonal occasions approach, everyone tends to set up schedules using the same criteria in Nifty – popular Halloween stuff, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Valentine’s Day and so on.

Not just seasonal but for popular selection like weddings, birthdays and so on.

As a result, everyone’s Pinterest boards looked similar.

So this enhancement has been designed to sort this out. Now, everyone gets a different random list of numbers (based on their referral id) for their schedules and it’s this list that gets used to choose the next product to pin / share. Remember, this is for everything but collections.

In this way, the scheduler will jump about randomly, picking the next product to pin / share from your selection each time, and no–one will get the same order as anyone else. Pinterest boards will now be very different for each Nifty user, even though they might choose the same selection criteria for what to schedule.

Another great advantage comes when you’re pulling by newest first from a store. The random jump-about means you’re much more likely to get different designs rather than the same old design scheduled one after the other. Pretty cool, huh?

We hope you like the end results!