How To post a social media speed-sharer in the Zazzle Community

March 2022: Updated to work with Zazzle’s new Community Forum

Wait… what?

A speed-sharer is a special page that lets visitors quickly and easily share whichever of your designs they like. Some will do it because they genuinely like your work and want to help. Some will do it because you helped them.

With this new addition to Nifty, it’s now a piece of cake to share your speed-sharer in the Zazzle ShowMe or Affiliate Requests boards so other artists can help you out – and so you can help them out in return when they share their speed-sharer.

the speed-sharer showing the HTML section for sharing the speed sharer

Is it hard? No.

In a nutshell: you get the HTML for the Zazzle Community from the speed-sharer page itself.

You then paste that into a reply or even start a new topic and use it there.

Of course, first you must set up Nifty to select the products that you want to share from your store but for this article we’ll assume you know how to do that.

Even if you don’t, it’s quite easy to use – just put in your store name to begin with at this link to the Nifty Promo Control Panel

ℹ️ The HTML Code panel will only display if you visit the page from the Nifty Promo Control Panel. We’ve done this so that normal visitors won’t see it.

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