Halloween Invitations

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  • Invitation


    price: $2.15
    Vintage victorian gothic halloween party invitation. The text can be changed using right the "Details" menu. T...
    design: Art_Design_by_Mylini

    tags: halloween, halloween party, costume, vintage halloween, spooky, gothic halloween...
  • Birthday Invitation

    Birthday Invitation

    price: $2.20
    Kids Halloween Birthday Invitation / Halloween Costume Party Invitation / Halloween Party Invites All designs are ©...
    design: HappyPandaPrint

    tags: halloween invitation, halloween birthday invitation, halloween birthday party, h...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $2.15
    This creepy vintage Halloween birthday party invitation features flying bats, black widow spiders, floral heart and gobl...
    design: CelestialTidings

    tags: gothic, vintage, halloween, birthday, party, bats, skull, spiders, costume, red
  • Party Invite

    Party Invite

    price: $2.26
    Spooky frame party invite. Perfect for a Halloween Party, Cocktail Party, Spooktacular Dinner Party, etc. CHANGE THE TEX...
    design: WOWWOWMEOW

    tags: invitation, party, halloween, fancy, dress, bats, skull, gothic, vampire, horror...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.15
    Spooktacular Dark Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation. (1) For further customization, please click the "custo...
    design: CardHunter

    tags: halloween, halloween bash, spooky, pumpkin, jack o lantern, costume, haunted hou...
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  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $2.26
    Summon the spirits of your guests with a spooky Spirit Board Halloween party invite. The Halloween party invitation feat...
    design: latebloom

    tags: halloween, halloween party, spooky, skeleton, chalkboard, vintage, moon, spirit ...
  • Victorian Gothic

    Victorian Gothic

    price: $2.40
    Vintage Halloween Invitation Victorian Gothic
    design: wicked_stationery

    tags: skeleton, halloween, halloween party, costume, vintage halloween, spirits, spook...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $2.41
    Halloween Spooky Pumpkin Magic Party Invitation.
    design: printabledigidesigns

    tags: halloween, lantern, jack, scary, magic, pumpkin, party, birthday, invitation, si...
  • Shower Invitation

    Shower Invitation

    price: $2.31
    Halloween Baby Shower Invitation, Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation, Halloween Invitation, Fall Baby Shower Invitations, Ha...
    design: SugSpc_Invitations

    tags: halloween, baby, shower, witch, invitation, theme, pumpkin, fall, october, boy g...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.15
    Spooky orange moonlit night backlighting a tree and haunted house with glowing windows on a hill cemetery surrounded by ...
    design: hhhalloween

    tags: spooky, tree, bats, moonlight, dark night, halloween, halloween party, haunted h...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.15
    SPOOKTACULAR Costume Kids Halloween Birthday Party Invitation. (1) For further customization, please click the "cu...
    design: CardHunter

    tags: halloween, spooky, pumpkin, jack o lantern, costume, haunted house, creepy, kids...
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Nifty Page Sharer tweaks

We’ve spent some time improving the slideshow and product grid page sharing tools for Zazzle. The improvements are to do with what gets displayed on social media when you share.

Here’s a comparison of what you get when you share a slideshow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest:

A slideshow shared on Facebook tap/click to see

how it appears on Twitter tap/click to see

what it looks like on Pinterest tap/click to see

Even though they’re small tweaks, they should help with increasing the engagement you get from your followers. And more engagement means your slideshow will be looked at more, which will give you even more engagement. Win, win, win!

click this to try the slideshow for yourself

ZeBooC Service launched for Zazzle

What the heck is that?

It’s our new service all about creating eBooks for you from your Zazzle collections.

Why would I want one?

It’s a brand-new marketing channel for your store collections and for affiliating those of others. As a result, it extends your reach to more potential customers. It’s an un-tapped reserve, an un-fished pond, an un-harvested field, a (insert own analogy here!)

What’s so special about ZeBooCs?

The service has been created for Zazzlers by another Zazzler (author of the Nifty tool set), and that means it’s fine-tuned to working hand-in-hand with all of Zazzle’s features.

What the ZeBooC looks like on a mobile phone – notice the link

All links in the ZeBooC eBooks are live and go straight to the respective product page on Zazzle. (And referral ids and tracking codes are included in the links.)

Is that it?

No there’s much more, with each aspect extending your reach still further – QRCode, bit.ly link, online version, Amazon Kindle program, book cover…

Every aspect of this “eBook from Collection” has been designed to give you new opportunities, remove obstacles and smooth the way to convert interest into sales.

So, whether you want to extend your reach with new online opportunites or real world ones, your ZeBooC eBook will meet the needs of both.

find out about those other aspects and order your ZeBooC eBook here

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