How can I get people to promote my Zazzle store?

We’ve added a new feature to Nifty to help your Zazzle store get promoted. You can now submit your store for promotion by the affiliates / artists that use Nifty as part of their promotion strategy.

screenshot of the store submission form
screenshot of the store submission form

When anyone submits a store, they’re first asked to pin/tweet/share 20 designs from a store that’s been submitted previously (chosen at random).

So there’s two ways to get promoted when you submit your store to Nifty, by:

  • affiliates using the new “pot-luck” button in the Nifty Promo Control Panel
  • someone submitting a store after you and your store gets chosen as the one to have its 20 products pinned/shared/tweeted

All good quality stores are welcome. Submit yours if you like – the sooner the better! If you think about it a bit, it’ll make sense…. stores submitted earlier have a slightly better chance of being chosen.

Submit yours here

Goodie “Easter Eggs” now in the free version of Nifty for Zazzle

Only for those who don’t pay a Nifty subscription: you might, if you’re very lucky, bump into one of the “Easter Egg” goodies we’ve added.

Wait, what’s that?

It’s just a bit of fun but we’ve hidden a bunch of “Easter Eggs” in the Nifty Promo Control Panel. Each one is something you’ll love – so far you could get:

  • one of the various time-limited free subscriptions to Nifty
  • one of your collections listed in Nifty’s featured collections panel

We’ll be adding more as time goes on 😎

Here’s what one looks like:

what an "Easter Egg" looks like
An example of one of the “Easter Eggs”

The more you use Nifty, the more likely you are to bump into one. Good hunting!

Editing a nIFTTTy applet’s feed url

March 2021 This no longer works – IFTTT have withdrawn this ability for applets that pin to Pinterest from an RSS feed.

IFTTT have today (September 10, 2020) introduced a limit of 3 applets without paying for their IFTTT Pro Subscription. If you had more applets than that, you’re allowed to keep them.

That means it makes sense never to delete any of your existing nIFTTTy applets when they run out. Instead you’ll want to edit the applet to replace the exisiting feed url with a new one (and, no doubt, rename the applet in line with what it’s now set up to pin).

The simplest way is just to use the nIFTTTy Scheduler to make your new feed url and replace the applet’s existing one with the new one.

Only for the brave

To save time, some people might want to dive in and edit the feed url in the applet directly. If that’s you, there’s one important thing you need to know – how to tell the scheduler part of the applet when the applet was “made”.

It needs to know so it can work out which is the next item to pin.

So how do you tell it?

You change a specific part of the feed url, the one beginning with cdt=

Here’s an example feed url with that part highlighted in light blue:

Next question – how do you get the number to use?

You visit the Epoch Converter website (opens in a new tab), put in the date of the day the applet is to first start and click the button as per the screenshot. You needn’t worry about the time as the scheduler just uses the date part and starts counting from the beginning of the day.

a screenshot showing the Epoch Cinverter page for getting the cdt number

When you visit the page, the incrementing counter you’ll see is the cdt number for right now, so you can use that if you want your applet to start today. If you want it to start tomorrow, then you’ll need to put in tomorrow’s date as per the screenshot.

Once you’ve copied the cdt number just replace the existing one after cdt= in the feed url with what you just copied.

That’s it, done.

Of course, if you’re changing the search term and / or department id and / or category id as well, you’ll need to change those in the feed url as well. If you want to do those as well and you’re not sure of what you’re doing, it’s probably best to use the nIFTTTy Scheduler to make the new feed url instead.

Why is pedisinistrous not a word?

We have “ambidextrous”, meaning able to use both hands equally well. Dextera is latin for “right-handed” and “ambi” meaning “both”.

So, surely if you can’t dance, you’re pedisinstrous. 😂

Just a thought….

And if you don’t believe us, look up pedisinistrous on Google. This post is likely the only search result (or will be!)

Halloween Invitations

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  • Birthday Invitation

    Birthday Invitation

    price: $2.45
    Kids Halloween Birthday Invitation / Halloween Costume Party Invitation / Halloween Party Invites All designs are © Hap...
    design: HappyPandaPrint

    tags: halloween invitation, halloween birthday invitation, halloween birthday party, h...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $2.40
    This creepy vintage Halloween birthday party invitation features flying bats, black widow spiders, floral heart and gobl...
    design: CelestialTidings

    tags: gothic, vintage, halloween, birthday, party, bats, skull, spiders, costume, red
  • Party Invite

    Party Invite

    price: $2.51
    Ouija Board Halloween party invite. Perfect for a Halloween Party, Cocktail Party, Spooktacular Dinner Party, etc. CHANG...
    design: WOWWOWMEOW

    tags: invitation, party, halloween, gothic, horror, halloween invitation, ouija, ouija...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.71
    Invite all your family and friends to your Spooktacular Halloween Party with these fun Scooby Doo invites. Personalize b...
    design: scoobydoo

    tags: scooby doo, halloween party, halloween, happy halloween, kids halloween party, h...
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  • Invitation


    price: $2.51
    Invite guests to your spooky birthday party with our Cute Little Monsters Halloween birthday party invitations. The Hall...
    design: latebloom

    tags: trick or treat, halloween party, kids birthday party, halloween birthday, monste...
  • Birthday Invitation

    Birthday Invitation

    price: $2.91
    Invite all your family and friends to your child's Vampirina themed Birthday Party with these fangtastic birthday invite...
    design: Vampirina

    tags: vampirina, disney junior, disney, vampirina birthday, happy birthday, kids birth...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.40
    Halloween party invitations featuring a vintage background, creepy zombie clown dolls and a spooky personalized template...
    design: special_stationery

    tags: halloween party, all hallows eve, all saints eve, creepy, hallowed evening, adul...
  • Party Invitation

    Party Invitation

    price: $2.35
    Halloween Birthday Invitation. Halloween Birthday Invitation. Halloween party invite. Boy or Girl Bday Bash Invite. 1st ...
    design: Happyappleshop

    tags: halloween birthday, halloween party, kids costume party, 1st birthday, first bir...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.40
    Vintage victorian gothic halloween party invitation. The text can be changed using right the "Details" menu. T...
    design: Art_Design_by_Mylini

    tags: halloween party, vintage halloween, spooky, gothic halloween, scary, night, part...
  • Invitation


    price: $2.30
    Create your perfect invitation with this pre-designed templates, you can easily personalize it to be uniquely yours. For...
    design: CardHunter

    tags: halloween, spooky, pumpkin, jack o lantern, costume, haunted house, creepy, kids...
  • Chalkboard Invitation

    Chalkboard Invitation

    price: $2.56
    Our Halloween Costume Party Chalkboard Invitation features a chalkboard background, colorful pattern letters, and spooky...
    design: modernmaryella

    tags: halloween party invitation, chalkboard halloween party invitation, halloween par...
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