Zazzle Product HTML Generator Bookmarklet

Aug 17 2022: Updated after Zazzle made some product page changes

A screenshot showing how to use the bookmarklet to generate the product html for your blog or website
Using the bookmarklet to generate the product html for your blog or website

By popular request, here’s a couple of bookmarklets that give you the html code for a Zazzle product. It’s for you to paste into your blog or website using the view / in-situ you select.

Which you use depends on whether you’re in the Zazzle Promoter Program and whether your getting the html for your own product or someone else’s.

If you’re not in the Zazzle Promoter Program

Drag this link to your toolbar. It’ll give you links with your referral id (always yours, never mine) and a tracking code with the current date in the links: NiftyHTMLGen

If you are in the Promoter Program

For your own products drag this one to your toolbar and it’ll give you clean links: NiftyPPHTMLGen

If you promote other people’s products you’ll want links that use your referral id (always yours, never mine) and a tracking code. So drag this link to your toolbar as well: NiftyHTMLGen

That’s it!

Remember, you don’t click those links, you drag them to your toolbar.

About the generated HTML

It’s (almost) identical to the html you used to be able to get via the share link on a product page. The only differences are:

  • I’ve added the first 200 characters of the product description below the by-line
  • The image size is responsive with a maximum size of 736px square. If the space doesn’t allow for that size, it’ll shrink down automatically.

(You can read about responsive design in this Wikipedia article – opens in a new tab / window.)

To use the bookmarklets, get to a product page on Zazzle. Choose the view / in-situ you want and then hit the relevant bookmarklet you just put into your bookmarks toolbar.

Check the screenshot at the top to see how it’s done.

An alert will pop up letting you know that the html has been generated and placed in your clipboard ready for pasting.

Enjoy 😎

Privacy statement

Your use of the bookmarklet is not and cannot be monitored or tracked by Nifty. Only you can see the results of using the bookmarklet unless you share those results.

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