Zazzle Collection Name List Bookmarklet

By popular request, here’s a bookmarklet that will list the names of the collections appearing on the page of collections you’re currently looking at. If you have lots of collections, you’ll need to do each page in turn.

To get it, drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar…

This one: NiftyCollectionsLister

That’s all there is to it. Get to your collections page – the one that shows you all your collections – and then hit the bookmarklet you just put into you bookmarks toolbar.

A new page will open up listing the names of all the collections that were on that page.

Enjoy 😎

Privacy statement

The only data collected by the tool are the collection names and that’s simply to allow them to be listed in the new tab / window.

Only you can see the results. The data is not used for any other purpose, is not shared and no tracking takes place.

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