Using Nifty for the first time – get a speed sharer in 4 clicks

Get a speed sharer for the most popular products from your Zazzle store in just 4, yes, only FOUR clicks!

Here’s how. First Click this link to open Nifty – it opens in a new window – and start counting… (no, that doesn’t count as the first click!)

First click

putting in your store id

Click in the store or collection id box and put in your store name:

scroll down to Step 2 of Nifty ready for your next click…

Second click

getting to see your promotion tools

Click the show/hide button to show the different types of promoting tools Nifty has.

Third click

hit the show/hide button next to Share individual products

Almost done now, one more click to go….

Fourth click

Click the all-in-one speed-sharer button button to open a page that lets you speed share the most popular products from your store.

See next what ours looks like.

End result

Here’s a screenshot of our speed-sharer from following the above and here’s a link to it if you want to see one in action first:

what a speed-sharer looks like – click to see it live

ℹ️ Later, when you’re past just playing around, you’ll want to put in your referral id to advance to 50/50 referral sharing.

If this was your first time using Nifty, you’ve just seen how easy it is to use. It’s got lots of options and stuff but you needn’t worry about all the bells and whistles because the defaults are always sensible.
You might like to experiment with using a search term in Nifty, in conjunction with your store id, to be a bit more selective for your next speed-sharer.
Nifty will grow with you, always there to lend a supporting hand to your promoting efforts, however suits you best – we promise!