Get a Nifty Membership

This is where you buy a monthly subscription for the type of Nifty membership that you want.

Just choose the one you want and and don’t foget to fill in your Zazzle associate id and / or your Society6 curator id, as appropriate:

Type of membership
Zazzle referral / associate id
Society6 curator id

There are 3 different types of monthly membership for Nifty:

  • a standard one for Zazzle affiliates (if you’re a designer on Zazzle, you’re automatically an affiliate as well)
  • a standard one for Society 6 curators (you have to apply to be a curator on Society6)
  • a Pro membership covering both.

Membership Benefits

Without a membership it’s a 50/50 split on referral / curator commission – half the links will use your id and the other half will use ours.

With any of the Nifty memberships, you will get any commission due on all the product designs you pin / share for that membership type.

The difference is in the number of active nIFTTTy schedules you can have at any one time, automatically pinning / sharing products for you.

The standard memberships give you up to 10 and the Pro Membership gives you up to 25.

Which one is right for you?