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NiftyToolZ – Home of the best Zazzle promotion tools

You’ll find here a range of tools, mostly free, to suit every individual’s approach to getting their designs seen by potential customers on Social Media (Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook).

The tools cover:

  • Manual speed sharing for laser-focussed promoting
  • Targeted, scheduled promoting for a background level of set-and-forget promoting
  • Embedding grids and slideshows on blogs and websites. Tested on:
    • Weebly
    • WordPress (self-hosted)
    • Blogger
tools to suit every promo need

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There are tools for peeps who don’t have websites but still want a webpage to show off their Zazzle creations, and tools for people who keep professional stores that include Zazzle sections.

As an example of a really popular tool, here’s a speed-sharer that lets you (or those you share it with) quickly and easily share/pin your Zazzle designs.

(get one for your Zazzle store in 4 clicks – yes, just four!)

In all this, the biggest benefit to you is that you save time while mightily increasing your reach. And the time you save is better spent creating and designing!

This site is the official home of the Nifty range of promotion tools for Zazzlers. Find out about the WordPress NiftyGridZPro plugin (Zazzle) and all the other Nifty tools over in the navigation menu.

Here’s what one user has to say:
“I’ve used Mark’s Nifty Tool for a few years now. All of his products work well and his customer support is the best I have ever seen. If you need to build links and promote easily, Nifty is definitely the way to go!”

One of the really cool things about Nifty is the friendly, dedicated and free support you get. Our motto is “no question is too dumb to ask” because we know everyone starts their journey from different places.
Join the NiftyToolz, Tips and Support group over on Facebook – just visit and ask to join. We all look forward to seeing you there 🙂