Using the Zazzle Nifty for the very first time

Get a speed pinner for the most popular products from your store in just 4, yes, only FOUR clicks!

Here’s how. Click this link – opens in a new window – and start counting…

First click

putting in a store id / name

Click in the store or collection id box and put in yours:

scroll down to Step 2 of Nifty ready for your next click…

Second click

getting to see your promotion tools

Click the show/hide button to show the different types of promoting tools Nifty has.

Third click

hit the show/hide button next to Share individual products

Almost done now, one more click to go….

Fourth click

Click the speed-sharer button to open a page that lets you speed pin the most popular products from your store.

See next what ours looks like.

End result

Scrrenshot of Nifty's speed-sharer in action
speed-sharer in action

Here’s our speed-sharer from following the above (ok, we also added the search term espadrilles – just because we like them so much!)

and here’s a link to it

Later, when you’re past just playing around, you’ll want to put in your referral id to advance to 50/50 referral sharing.

If you don’t yet do Pinterest, try speed-tweeting or speed-posting on Facebook instead. It’s so easy you’ll be glad you found this Nifty way of doing things!

We promised you could get yours in just 4 clicks – and we’ve been as good as our word!

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