How to share a speed-sharer

In short – copy its url and paste that where you want it. Here it is, step by step:

By now you’ve probably realized just how brilliantly fast and super efficient the speed-sharers are for pinning your product designs. You also know how non-techy they are to use – anyone who can tap or click can use them.

All that lot means they’re perfect to share with people who you think will be happy to help you out by speed-sharing them for you.

So all it needs is for the share of a speed sharer to be enticingly worded – and that’s just what you get.

The specially worded appeal to them is all done in the text that accompanies the image when it’s shared. It’s not so easy to explain, so here’s what one looks like when tweeted:

(The tweet text at the top was written by me before pasting the link.) How could any of them refuse that? Of course, you’d say something different than I did, something aimed at friends, family or faithful followers.

How you get yours ready to share

Use the Nifty Promo Control Panel as usual to set up the products to use. When you’re ready….

In Step 2, choose the Speed-Sharers section:

Let’s say you go with the speed-pinner – the speed-pinner page opens….

…then select the browser’s address bar contents and copy it. It’s a hugely long line of gibberish – but important gibberish, nonetheless!

You’re now ready to put it into

  • a tweet or a reply to one
  • a Fb status update or a reply
  • as the url to use for a new pin on Pinterest

However you choose to share, you’ll get a lovely-looking end result with text designed to appeal to those who support indy artists, as well as friends, family etc.

Here’s what it looks like when pasted into a status update on Facebook:

The bold, headline text “Help an indie artist by using this Speed-Pinner” is designed to encourage in a non-pushy way.

The text underneath is derived from the storeid and any search terms used, followed by “designs – or tap/click any to buy from Zazzle and help even more!“. It’s designed both to include appropriate detail and, again, make an appeal to the viewer’s better nature. You can see how much space is reserved for that text and where it gets cut off. That’s Fb for you 😉

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