NiftyLinkovers – quick totals

This is a really neat tool that quickly adds up the total number of linkovers in the rows you’ve selected on your Zazzle Linkover History page.

Its only limitation is it can’t carry totals from page to page, so you’ll have to mentally keep track of the running total across pages.

get the bookmarklet here
drag this link:
to your toolbar

Try it out

Start off by dragging that link above to your browser’s toolbar and then get yourself over to your linkover history page on Zazzle. If you’re presently logged in to Zazzle, this link will take you to yours.

Once you’re on that page, select all the rows in the table whose linkovers you want added into the total. To select them, just click and drag with your mouse.

When you’ve done that, hit the new NiftyLinkovers button you put onto your toolbar above. You’ll then a get a dialog box giving you the total linkovers in the rows you selected.

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