Go Premium – Purchase a NiftyGridZPro license

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Get your premium NiftyGridZPro plugin license here and find out how to install and use it to showcase and earn from Zazzle products.

V3.6 released – now with Buy Now buttons

Buy and install your Premium NiftyGridZPro forever-license today

With this licensed version, all links use your referral (associate) id, so you get any arising referral commission – and it’s only $90 for your forever license.

And, what’s really cool – any posts / pages you’ve already made with the free version of NiftyGridZPro will all use your referral id instead of ours, right away!

How to buy

Just send us an email using the address described below and use Buy a Premium NiftyGridZPro forever-license as the subject.

We’ll reply with a Paypal payment request. Once we get notification of payment, we’ll email you the plugin zipfile for you to install.
If you’re upgrading, remember to save your fallback folder before installing it!

Email address to use


What you need to do is to highton put together the two unusual words in this paragraph ridley, separate them with a dot and add @gmail.com to the end.

Terms and Conditions

Large proportions of the plugin code are copyright and may not be copied without permission.

A single license will cover all the sites you own, however each of your clients, if you have any, will need their own license if NiftyGrizPro is used on their site(s).


Installation is straightforward and uses the same steps as for the free version. If you’ve already installed the free version, you’ll need to deactivate it first before installing your licensed version.

go there now to follow along

One final thing – in your own time

You may have read about NiftyGridZPro’s fallback grids. The one in the file you specify (or the default if you don’t) is displayed when Zazzle’s RSS feed is down.

The ones supplied use our associate (aka referral) id. You’ll want to make one or more that use yours. Find out how to in the video tutorial here: Making, uploading and testing a fallback grid file

Find out more about fallback files in the FAQ, here: How do I make fallback grid files and where do I put them?