Improved look for embedded Nifty product grids

We’ve been carrying on with improving the look and feel of the things you can share with Nifty.

Our latest efforts have been on the product grid when it’s embedded on your website or blog post. We’ve done it for both Zazzle and Society6 product grids.

Here’s the new look as generated by the button on the full size sharer page:

We think you’ll like it and, what’s more, when it’s shared with the embedded buttons, the share looks and reads real cool when tweeted, pinned on Pinterest or shared on Facebook.

Here’s a Society6 embedded product grid

There is an anomaly in the way Society6 works when pulling from other than the first page. (We hope to be able to fix this sometime soon-ish.)

It’s this: for non-collections, S6, always has 42 items on a page, no matter how many you request to be included.

So, if you’re showing 9 and the second page gets selected, the first 9 from the second page of 42 will be shown and not the 10th through 18th from the first page. Not at all what you’d expect. Ah well…

Improved Society6 Slideshow for embedding in your website or blog

We’ve done the same for the Society6 slideshow sharer as we did for the Zazzle one. That is, we’ve made it much more compact so it looks really good in posts and on web pages.

Here’s an example of a Society6 one:

It looks cool, yes?

There’s also something going on”behind the scenes” you might like to know about.

To make sure your post looks good when shared, a hidden image is included. It’s the first from the slideshow and gets used when sharing your post. If you want your own image used, place it in the post higher up than the slideshow.

New smaller slideshow for embedding on your blog or site

Testing the smaller slideshow sharer page, specifically designed for embedding in blogs and websites.

It’s much more compact and looks good when embedded. At least, we think so! And we hope you’ll agree.

Here’s a link to one embedded in a Weebly blog post

Improving what shares from Nifty look like on social media

This week we’ve been tweaking things to make social media shares look much more appealing. This applies to

✅ Product Grid sharer page
✅ Slideshow sharer page
✅ Individual product sharers – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

The aim was to improve the look to someone seeing one, and improve its attractiveness to search engines (better SEO) as well.

We’ve done this for Zazzle and Society6 so now, whether you share on facebook, tweet, or pin on Pinterest, you’ll find you get much better engagement from the people who see them.

When you tweet, you’ll find the description pre-filled with a *hashtagged version of the first product’s title. Same when you pin on Pinterest. Unfortuanely Facebook doesn’t allow the status update text to be pre-filled.

*only words of 6 letters or more are turned into hash tags

For Twitter and Pinterest, the text underneath the linked image is taken from the page title, the one you set up in Nifty

Here’s what it looks like when you’re sharing a Society6 slideshow page on Pinterest and Facebook. An actual tweet is shown, as the sharing dialog wasn’t really that helpful. The Zazzle ones are much the same.

When you share your product grid pages for both Society6 and Zazzle, you’ll get pretty much the same results.

Anyone looking at them now will immediately see it’s just one of many, with the first one shown as the image. This wasn’t so obvious before.

We’ve not included screenshots for shares from the individual product pages but they’re similar, too.

As we’ve now included a hashtagged version of the first product’s title, your more likely to get found in relevant searches on Twitter and Pinterest. Now we’re using your product grid / slideshow title as the text under the image it will aslo help with search on Twitter and Facebook.

With the page title being one you make up in Nifty, you get a great opportunity to fine tune your title for SEO puposes – so make sure you make use of it! Remember, any word you use that has 6 or more characters will become a hashtag.