Affiliate sign-up: NiftyGridZPro WordPress plugin earns 50%

If you want to become an affiliate for NiftyGridZPro click the link:
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Affiliates earn a commission of 50% of the full license fee paid and referral cookies last 6 months. We will pay any commission due at the end of each calendar month via PayPal.

Why become an Affiliate for the NiftyGridZPro WordPress plugin for Zazzle?


If you want NiftyGridZPro for yourself, become an affiliate for it first and when we get notification of your sign-up, we’ll send you your promo code for 25% off.


NiftyGridZPro is so far ahead of the competition, it won’t take much to convert:

  • users of other plugins for making Zazzle product grids
  • owners of sites / blogs that already have good footfall and who are looking for alternative ways to earn some extra affiliate income
  • those selling pre-built WordPress starter sites

They’ll love the benefits:

  • First and foremost, pretty product grids that sell!
  • More eyeballs means more commission – works brilliantly on both mobile and desktop!
  • Earning extra with site-wide Google Ad injection into product grids!
  • Respond to viral trends in real time with site-wide injection of offers and other affiliate links into product grids


For banners and boilerplate sales pitch text that you make your own, visit our affiliate resources page.


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We are registered for VAT and if you are in the UK or European Union the commssion we pay you will include VAT at the appropriate rate.

If you are located in the UK or European Union and registered for VAT, we will contact you for a VAT receipt on the email address we will receive from you in due course.