eBooks made from your Zazzle Collections!

announcing the Zazzle eBook Creator service – ZeBookFreeC

Get your own eBook “catalog” of products drawn from one of your Zazzle collections by filling in a few details in your choice, below.

Each can have up to 240 pages of your designs, in the same order as they are in your collection.

This is a page from one on a mobile – note the title is linked

It’s possiby the best aid to marketing you can have in your arsenal  – and one that’s always to hand, no matter where you are with your eBook reader mobile or tablet. Keep reading to see why for yourself!

On the back page of each eBook you’ll find one of these:

try pointing your mobile camera app at it and see the online version

Most mobiles today (iPhones, Androids and many more) support automatically reading those chunky graphics (QRCodes) – they’ll offer to open the online version of your eBook in the phone’s browser.

So it’s really easy to share with customers / friends this way. Or if they prefer, there’s a short bit.ly link they can type instead.


Get your eBook and be ready to:

  • Multiply your marketing reach ๐Ÿ“ˆ and watch your Zazzle sales grow โœ…
  • Never miss ๐Ÿ’ธ a sales oppportunity – load it onto your eBook reader / tablet so you have it available everywhere – even when there’s no internet connection โœ…
  • ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ Customers / friends can choose, personalize and buy when they point their mobile at the included QRCode – right from your eBook! โœ…
  • Track ๐Ÿ“Š any referral sales you make with the unique eBook tracking code included on all links โœ…

๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ Wait! There’s more reach to be had. When you get your eBook, you can:

  • upload and sell it on Amazon! Even if you sell none, anyone who takes a “look inside” will have the chance to click the links. Yet more reach and more ๐Ÿช referral cookies given out! โœ…
  • ..and you can email it to your potential customers / friends – and they can follow the live links and buy, too! โœ…

What are the benefits of uploading it for sale on Amazon’s Kindle program?

It’s all part of a cunning plan….

  • First off, if you price it as low as it can be priced, there are suprisingly many who would actually pay for having it on their Kindle etc. So you might earn a little that way (it all counts).
  • Secondly, you get the chance to design a great cover for your eBook, one you as an artist has full control over. And you can change the default title taken from your collection, too
  • Thirdly, with that great cover, when you share / pin your eBook from Amazon on social media, you get a great looking post / pin.
  • And more than that, anyone clicking your share / pin gets a chance on Amazon to “look inside” your eBook.
    If they do, the links are active and some visitors will no doubt click / tap and could end up buying.
  • Finally, you can download your edited, “polished” version and use that in place of the one we made for you.

โš ๏ธ Be aware, I’ve checked with the Amazon Kindle review team and got clarity from them on this key point: they only accept eBooks where you are the exclusive copyright owner of the content.

It means you’re fine with collections of your own designs but not with those of others.

And did I mention you can also view with Apple’s iBook, Nooks, and most other eReaders?

Every aspect of this “eBook from Collection” has been designed to give you new opportunities, remove obstacles and smooth the way to convert interest into sales.

So whether you’re thinking about new online opportunites or real world ones, your eBook will meet the needs of both.

Other places to publish

We’ve found two more place so far, in addition to Amazon KDP, that will accept your ebook for publication. They also require that you own the copyright of the entire content:

  • ManyBooks – they need you to be on KDP and will accept your book if it passes their ‘artistic-ness’ manual review
  • Google Books

๐Ÿ‘ One final benefit – you get your ebook featured in our brand new ZeBookFreeC eBook Store to help you get it “out there”.

What level is right for you?

There are three levels in our ZeBookFreeC service. The only difference between them is the proportion you get of any referral commission arising – from none to all.
Remember, you always get all royalties due from sales from your own store.

As a Zazzler you’ll be aware that having your referral id on a link means you can earn referral commission, in addition to the royalties you make when one of your designs sells. Referral commission is earned when someone tapping / clicking one of those links then goes on to buy, anywhere on Zazzle, there and then or within 45 days.

All that’s left to do is make the choice that’s right for you…

Level 1: Toe In The Water – $5 for your eBook

With this level of our Zazzle eBook Creator service, our referral id is used in all links. This means you keep all the royalties due on sales of your product designs and we’d get any referral commission arising.

This a great option for new Zazzlers. If that’s you and you’ve got a great selection of designs to offer, then try starting / improving your marketing with this great approach.

Just paste in your collection link (copied from your store on Zazzle) and hit the buy button. We don’t need your referral id for this option.

Collection link for your eBook

Level 2: See How It Goes – $10

This option is probably best if you want to test out the viability of earning referral commission in addition to helping sell your designs. Chosen at random, your referral id is used half the time, ours the other half.

As usual, you keep all the royalties due on sales of your product designs.

The above also applies when someone uses the QRCode or types in the bit.ly link on the back page of your eBook.

Give your referral id and then paste in your collection link (copied from your store on Zazzle). Finally, hit the buy button.

Your associate / referral id
Collection link for your eBook

Level 3: I Wanna Break Free – $15

This is the option that serious Zazzlers will take. If you’re a bronze or above, this is definitely the one for you. It’s a great way to promote the designs held in the collections of other stores you love.

Your eBook will always use your referral id in links and you keep all the royalties due on sales of your product designs. This also applies when someone uses the QRCode or types in the bit.ly link on the back page of your eBook.

Give your referral id and then paste in your collection link (copied from your store on Zazzle). Finally, hit the buy button.

Your associate / referral id
Collection link for your eBook

What happens next?

When you make payment we’ll receive notification, together with your Zazzle collection link and / or your referral id.

There are then some steps we have to complete by hand, so give us a little time – one business day should be more than ample.

Once we’ve completed our part, we’ll email you your download links to the eBook in both Mobi and ePub formats and they’ll stay valid for 72 hours.

After that it’ll be available in our ZeBookFreeC eBook Store

Downloading your eBook

Just follow the links we send you and your download should begin automatically. If you have any  problems, just reply to the email we sent you and let us know. We’ll get back to you promptly.


Do come again for your next eBook!

๐Ÿค“ Don’t delete…

… your collection on Zazzle! Don’t worry too much if you do by mistake, your eBook will still be fine. Read on to find out the implications.

This is worth remembering. You see, anyone using the bit.ly link or the QRCode on the last page of your eBook will end up looking at a live version of your catalog on the web.

And being live, it gets freshly pulled from the collection on Zazzle each time – so don’t delete it or the online version will be empty!

You can add to it or re-arrange it, that’s ok, but it wouldn’t really be fair on customers if you removed designs from it that appear in your eBook.

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