Lawyer fob watches, contemporary but classic

Beautiful fob watches for the lawyer and other legal professionals. Personalize just by typing – so easy, even an attorney at law can do it! What will your name look like?

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What’s your Lawyer Style?

Classic yet contemporary design with color schemes to suit both your courtroom and day-to-day personality. Classic because they use a roman-numeral watch face, contemporary because of the metallic-look radial background in right-up-to-the-minute colors:

  • Lilac for strength and determination
  • Rose Gold for an assertive yet feminine touch
  • Ice Blue for the one who keeps cool when the going gets tough
  • Golden for those pillars of the profession
  • Funky cog wheels and gears for letting others glimpse your fun side

Which one suits you most? Just click it and type your name and title in the provided boxes to see what yours looks like – then hit the buy button.

They make great long-service awards and retirement gifts, too. Who in your law office deserves one?

Keep reading to find out more on the product itself.

Product details

The casing is a premium alloy and comes in gold or silver colors. An included 14.5 inch chain to match comes with a hook buckle clasp so you can attach it to your clothing, as is traditional. And it’s got a 3-hand analog Japanese Quartz® movement to ensure precision.

There’s a certain ritual to checking the time on your pocket watch. Done with flair, it can really command respect and experts in “the move” can use it as a way of controlling a meeting or difficult briefing, bringing it back on point.

We all know how important body language is, well this is another accessory to use when the situation demands. If you’re ready to move to expert level, then you need one of these fob watches!