Get your NiftyGridZPro Free WordPress Plugin

Find out here how to get, install and use the NiftyGridZPro plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

To give you a chance to have a play, here’s a fully finctional, license-free version. The only difference from the licensed versions is that it uses our referral id, so you’ll probably want to stick to designs from your own store to begin with. That way you’ll get royalties on any arising sales.

Installation is straightforward with these WordPress Control Panel skills:

  • able to upload a zip file to your plugins folder
  • able to unzip the file into it (which creates the plugin)
  • able to activate the new plugin

Thats it!

As long as you can do those things (or click around until you can) everything’s really easy – especially with the screenshots to explain the steps below.

Step 1 Navigate to your plugins folder

Here’s how it looks in our WordPress control panel:

Step 2 Upload the plugin zipfile

Click the upload button and give it the file you have. Not got it? Get it here. (July 16th 2017 V1 )

After it’s uploaded, you should see something like this:

Step 3 Unzip

Make sure you put the contents into the plugins folder when asked:

Once unzipped, you’ll see something like this:

Step 4 Activate your new plugin

Here’s what our activation screen looks like after activating NiftyGridZPro:

Once you activate yours, you’re ready to make your first post with the plugin’s shortcode.

Step5 Make your first NiftyGridZPro grid!

Here’s a straightforward one to try. Just make sure you change the store name and search term to yours:

For a post:

[niftygridzpro store_or_collection="hightonridley" search_term="motivating"]

If you want visitors to search, use this on a page:

[niftygridzpro store_or_collection="hightonridley" search_term="motivating" allow_visitor_search=1]

That was Easy!

Ok, now over to you. Enjoy how easy it is now to make fully featured product grids on your blog.

Next up: Shortcode helper page….

Shortcode-with-options Builder

This helper page (on our sister site) is an easy way to set all your NiftyGridZ options and save them for next time. This is what it looks like:

NiftyGridZ shortcode builder screenshot

You can use it here – and, what’s cool, you can save your settings via its bookmark link labelled My Shortcode Settings.

I’ve given a link to it in the Nifty Control Panel, in its Step 2.