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We wanted to add a really effective way of using a slot message globally. By that, we mean that any product grid created by NiftyGridZPro should automatically use this global slot message.

Remember, a slot message is an image (optionally linked to a destination) that is displayed randomly in a product grid, temporarily replacing what was in that position already.

We’ve managed that now by setting the feature on by default – with default slot message settings all set up for the Happy Halloween one you see across the site. Like here amongst the cute puppies 🙂
(Edited later to add: It was too early for that message, so it’s now a flapping bats teaser …and now it’s about the V3 release of NiftyGridZPro!)

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  • Invitation Blue

    Invitation Blue

    This cute invitation goes perfectly with any puppy dog theme...
  • Frisbee Postcard

    Frisbee Postcard

    Sometimes I wonder "why is that Frisbee getting bigger?...
  • birthday card

    birthday card

    Beautiful photo of a cute golden retriever puppy dog happy b...
  • for Girls

    for Girls

    YOUR NAME and YOUR SQUARE PHOTO or keep this Cute Puppy Watc...
  • Classic Round Sticker

    Classic Round Sticker

    A sweet little puppy sitting with a blank sign around its ne...
  • Photo Mug

    Photo Mug

    Add three or more of your custom Instagram photos and person...
  • Get yours and learn more about the new features in our WordPress plugin
  • birthday card

    birthday card

    Beautiful photo of a cute long-haired dachshund puppy dog ha...
  • Label


    An adorable young puppy dog with big floppy ears and soft fu...
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With a default of it being switched on, you’ll need to remember to switch it off on any grids where you don’t want it. Note that it won’t be shown on any grids with fewer than four items.

The great thing about this approach is that when it’s time for a different marketing message, for example in the run up to Christmas, we only need to change the defaults. Then, bam, it’s suddenly spread across the entire site.

And to switch the global slot message off entirely, it’s just a case of changing the default for the feature to off.

So changing the defaults via the admin settings panel is the solution to setting a global marketing message in one simple step.

Cool 🙂

As usual, here’s the shortcode used for the grid – note that there’s no mention of a slot message as that’s all done via the default options already set.

[niftygridzpro use_only_product_names_in_titles=1 title_font_size="12px" title_alignment="center" cell_max_width="180px" description_length="60" search_term="cute puppies" page_size="9" product_background_color="#ffffff" allow_interaction=1 show_visitor_search_form=0 tracking_code="ngrdz_blg_ungp_slotmssg1"]

Of course, if you visit this post in the future, it won’t be a Happy Halloween message, it’ll be about something else appropriate for the time.

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