Latest updates to NiftyGridZPro plugin

In the latest upgrade, there were some issues when using some of the advanced shortcode settings. They arose when using the shortcode options allow_interaction=1 and show_grid_navigation=1 and you were looking at multiple blog posts on a page.

The system got its knickers in a twist and the wrong product grid ended up responding to a visitor’s interaction on another.

All sorted now.

Just a reminder –

  • you can’t allow product grid interaction in a sidebar widget
  • you can only use one grid per post / page if you’re allowing interaction

The reason for these limitations is that the plugin uses the post / page id to recognise interaction is happening on the included product grid.

For widgets, they don’t have such an id so targeting the grid for interaction in a widget isn’t possible. You can still use a product grid in a widget, just not with interaction. Check out the sidebar on the left.

If you’re not sure what interaction is all about, check out the navigation and search form on this product grid:

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<1 of 15>
Search for:
How many to get (max 120):

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