New sort options for NiftyGridZPro – even on collections!

I’ve spent today adding shortcode options that let you sort the product grid after its contents have been pulled from Zazzle. Yes, even for collections 👍

You can sort by:

  • In the same order as returned by Zazzle:
    grid_sort_method="pulledorder" (the default)
  • Date product created:
  • Product title:
  • Price:
  • By-line:

and this can be high-to-low or the other way round – it’s ignored if the method used is “pulledorder”:

  • grid_sort_direction="highlow"
  • grid_sort_direction="lowhigh"

I’ve added these options both to the FAQ and the shortcode builder helper page.

You might be wondering how this interacts with the sort options when pulling from Zazzle.

  1. Let’s say you pull using sort_type="popularity" and sort_direction="desc". This means you’ll get the most popular from Zazzle, with the most popular of what’s pulled appearing first in the grid and the least popular of what’s pulled going last.
  2. Let’s also say you use grid_sort_method="price" and grid_sort_direction="lowhigh".

Well, you’ve probably guessed that the most popular that were pulled for the grid are now arranged with the cheapest first and most expensive going last.

I’ll leave you with this question – answers in the comments, if you want to play!

What do you get with these shortcode options?

  1. sort_type="date_created" and sort_direction="desc"
  2. grid_sort_method="date" and grid_sort_direction="lowhigh"

Over to you… 🙂

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