Prettier small grids in v3.3 release of NiftyGridZPro

In the next release (Edit: now released!) we’ve got:

  • improved layout for small grid cell sizes,
  • better nav layout for 1-product grids,
  • bug fix for inbuilt search form,
  • general speed improvements.

read on, McDuff…

Auto-calculated margins between cells

When you were using small product grid cell sizes, the distance between them was overly-generous.

Now we calculate the margins to use based on the cell_max_width size you give. The end result is a much more balanced appearance, one which you’ll love!

See the difference

Here’s a larger one – compare the gaps:


We also removed an extra line space after the grid that wasn’t supposed to be there.

What do you think?

Another layout improvement

When using a page-size=1, we now automatically center the navigation elements (if you’ve set them up to show)

<1 of 20+>
<1 of 20+>
Search for:
How many to get (max 120):

Use the search form to change the number shown to 2 or more and see the difference.

The main use for this will be without the search form, in places where space is limited. For example, in a single-product grid as part of a paragraph in your article.

Bug fix with inbuilt search form

When a visitor had paged through a product grid and then did a search using the in-built search form, things got a bit unruly.

All fixed now and order has been restored in the upcoming release.

General speed improvements

To improve the speed, we’ve shaken up how we allow for sorting product grids after we get their details from Zazzle.

All product grids will display a little quicker as a result – those with large numbers of products in them will benefit the most.

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