Product Grid Sharer iFrame embedder SEO test

This page is to confirm that Google indexes the content of an embedded iFrame from a different site (the sister site, used for product grid sharer pages and more).

Here’s the embedded product grid:

Here’s a search on Google for the title used for the product grid in the iFrame

As you can see, the search result title is the one from this page while the text snippet and the displayed images come from the embedded product grid, proving that Google has indexed this page and the embedded content from the iFrame.

What does this mean for your blogs / websites?

It means that, since January this year, anyone searching on Google for the products you have featured in the embedded grids will now be able to find your pages somewhere in the search results.

Just remember to make sure you use unique tracking codes for each so you’ll be able to see which of your pages are working best for you.

Product Grid Changes and Google

One final point, the product grid displayed is live, meaning that it’s pulled afresh each time someone vists.

If the content changes, as it will do as things change at Zazzle’s end of things, then it will be reindexed.

How long will it take?

Google will get round to reindexing the page in its own good time but you can hurry things up by using Google’s Search Console and requesting a reindex for a specific page or pages.

That’s it. Read on if you need a reminder on how to embed a product grid on your blog or website.

If you’ve got questions, ocmments or feedback, we’d love to hear it 😊

A reminder on how to get a product grid

You get it from the Product Grid Sharer Page which, in turn, you get via Step 2 of the Nifty Promo Control Panel:

kicking things off via the Nifty Promo Control Panel

Once you’ve opened the Product Grid Sharer Page, scroll to the bottom to get the iFrame code stuff:

how to get the iFrame code for your blog or website
getting the iFrame code for your blog or website

Once you’ve copied it, just paste it into your blog / website where you’re allowed to paste HTML code. That’s it!

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