Electronics projects for Kids 12+ and Adults

We’ve recently been working on a number of practical, related projects you can build giving you useful electronics light emitting diode (LED) gadgets.

Here’s a few photos taken from the projects that have been completed, just to give you an idea of what to expect:

Apart from the Memory Flash Reminder, which is a standalone project, the rest are all mix ‘n match modules. This one in particular is a great gift for grandparents – and there’s plenty of time to make it as a Christmas present 🙂

The mix ‘ match ones are all designed so you can build the ones you like and then hook them up in different ways to suit you.

And when you’ve made them, they make great gifts that people will love receiving (especially the fibre optics!)

There are still more in the works (LED strings and Timer-delay Off Switch coming next, night-time porch light coming later).