The Nifty Active Sales Auto Promoter – code-active shares

…the “do nothing and promote cool sales from Zazzle with live, embedded promo codes” approach to promoting.

To do less you’d need to stay in bed all day!

This is what it looks like – but what does it do?

In a nutshell, it allows you to automatically promote a current sale offering from Zazzle down your social channels – up to 80 times per day. Way too many!

❌ We do not recommend spamming – ever!

The usual ones are catered for: Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

You only set it up once, and then you can forget all about it – it will keep on promoting for you night and day from whatever the latst sales promotion is.

What you see highlighted are details about the sales promotion currently in force when this was written.

At the bottom of the screenshot you’ll see what you need to set it up for the first and only time.

Oh, and just like with the nIFTTTy Scheduler, you’ll need an IFTTT (IfThisThenThat) account. With that, you’ll set up one IFTTT applet for each channel you want to use.

ℹ️ If you don’t know how to set up an IFTTT applet, it’s covered almost half way down the page on this tutorial.

Once you’ve set up your applet(s) for the first time, that’s it. No more to do. Get on with your life and let this cool tool do the work for you!


There’s one thing to take into account when using Pinterest: your choice of board.
If you do as we recommend, you’ll have only one board, used for all promotions, and you’ll name it something appropriate.
Don’t use “Zazzle stuff with active vouchers when pinned” …but come up with something appealing which gets across the same idea, so people will know what to expect.

Why such a big deal about Sales Promotions?


Everyone loves a money-off voucher and when a visitor sees your share, they’re much more likely to tap/click as a result. This increased click-through rate is something to hunger for because each one potentially gets your referral id cookie in their browser for 45days!

And in the end, that’s what you’re after, Of course, sales made there and then are very welcome, too!

ℹ️ Why only potentially? Well, they may have cookies turned off or yours may get over-written by someone else’s (don’t moan, the upside is that the reverse can also happen).

How will I know if it’s worked?

You’ll know when a referral comes from one of the shares made by the tool because the tracking code quoted on your Referral History Report over at Zazzle will tell you the promo code, the date shared and the social channel shared down.

What’s so cool, other than the automation?

It’s that every link in every share includes the currently active Zazzle promo code.

…And that means, when a visitor taps/clicks any link, they’ll see the reduced price on the Zazzle product page, without having to type anything or remember a code.

Now that is cool! 😎

Can I control the rate at which shares are made?

Yes. Pinterest, as we know, loves lots but Twitter not so much and Facebook even fewer. So we’ve limited the absolute maximum rate to around 80 per day – still too many, so you’ll want to drop it as appropriate to each channel you’re using.

What happens if there is no current sales promotion on?

Your applet(s) won’t have anything to share. If it goes on for long enough (a couple of days or so?) IFTTT will switch them off due to inactivity and let you know by email.

Q. What happens when there’s more than one sales promotion on?

A. We’ll choose what we think is the most attractive one and do stuff behind the scenes so it gets used.

Are there any other caveats?

Yes. It relies on us doing that behind-the-scenes stuff after one runs out. If for some reason we can’t (stupidly forgetting, illness etc) then we won’t get the chance to sort out the next one.

If that does happen, again, IFTTT may switch them off due to inactivity.

⚠️ Facebook isn’t a great destination – you can only share to a single Facebook page you manage, the one that’s set up in your IFTTT account.

when making your Facebook applet in IFTTT, be sure to add the EntryTitle ingredient

When you make an IFTTT applet for Facebook (you want the Link Post type when setting up your applet), you have to add what they call an “ingredient” to the optional message box. It’s the ingredient called EntryTitle that you have to add, as that’s where the promo details and hashtags come from.

Ok, sold! Where do I get mine?

Just use the Nifty Promo Control Panel and find it in Step 2. Here’s what that section looks like.

tap/click image to go there now

Examples of shares made with it


Pin details from a share to Pinterest (tap/click to visit)


this is how a tweet looks for a share to Twitter (tap/click to visit)

Facebook Page wall post

A share to a Facebook Page (tap/click to visit)

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