NiftyGridZPro – new feature in next version

No release date yet planned

In the next version there’s a new option for controlling the titling of products displayed in your grid. This one lets you include only product names in titles, like shown here.

It makes for a much cleaner design – useful only when your grid is showing a mix of products.

The default is that this option is switched off. To switch it on use use_only_product_names_in_titles=1

<1 of 20+>
<1 of 20+>

Here’s the shortcode used for it:

[niftygridzpro title_font_size="14px" title_alignment="center" cell_max_width="140px" description_font_size="13px" description_alignment="center" description_length="0" include_price_line=1 search_term="legal" page_size="12" allow_interaction=1 show_visitor_search_form=0 tracking_code="ngrdz_blg_usng_ngp" use_only_product_names_in_titles=1]

Note that presently, it only works 100% for Zazzle-added product type names. Where a designer has added a product name, the plugin uses the last two words of the designer’s title. That seems to work 99.99% of the time.

It won’t work when a designer uses a product name in the middle of their title AND Zazzle’s system spotted that and so didn’t add a product type name. In this rare-ish case, the last two words are still used – so it’s a bit pot luck.

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