Google Books are another place to publish your Zebookfreec ebook

In addition to being able to publish your Zebookfreec ebook on Amazon and ManyBooks, we’ve tested Google Books and they’re good, too. You get a double whammy with them because publishing on Google Books automatically makes them available in Google Play.

Remember, you have to own the copyright on the entire content to publish in each of those places.

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Zazzlers who are traditional or digital artists should prove popular. We’ve had 38 downloads of mine on ManyBooks in 4 weeks.

The reason we’re so happy about those 38 (and slowly climbing) downloads is that because the downloaders like my b/w photography, they could end up showing it to a few similar-minded friends. They might actually pass on a copy (yaay!) or (still yaay!) let their friends scan the QRCode on the back page with their mobile phone app.
Each one of those actions is an opportunity for a sale or, at the very least, the placing of a referral cookie in the browsers of those friends.

When I get lucky and get a referral, I’ll know because each ebook gets its own unique tracking code and I’ll see that in my Referral History Report. I’m expecting a time lag of around three months-ish because that seems to be how long these things take for me.

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It all helps and those are people I couldn’t have reached in any other way. I’m sure someone, somewhere once said that mony a mickle maks a muckle 😀

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