The new version of the Society6 Nifty Cpanel is out

There are four major additions to it:

  • Share a slideshow page
  • Share a product grid page
  • Make a QRCode for your product grid page
  • An alternative to collections – search

New promoting methods

try out the QRCode – point your mobile’s camera app at it

The QRCode is a fantastic way of letting potential customers see your products. Simply use the graphic on your flyers, on the back of business cards and on bumper stickers.

The new search

the new search option – ignored if a collection identifier is present

The search you give is passed on directly to Society6 for them to interpret and provide results. So it follows their approach. Examples are:

  • shopname department name, eg hightonridley bath
  • shopname product name, eg hightonridley beach towel
  • searchword (or sometimes words) product name, eg easter mugs, easter chick mugs, easter bunny mugs

try it for yourself

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