Image frames for use on Pinterest by the nIFTTTy scheduler

Scroll down a bit to see the image frame templates made by nIFTTTy users.

If you choose this option, Each time the scheduler pins a product, its image will be placed in a randomly-chosen image frame from those shown below.

So with these frames, you’ll get lots of variation to your pins. More than that, because there are five different aspect ratios, your boards will look more appealing, too.

How’s that? Well, people have made frames that have a 9×6 aspect ratio, some 4×5, some 5×7, some 3×4 and some at 1×2. What this means to you is that the images on your boards won’t all be lined up and look boring. Instead they’ll be a bit more higgledy-piggledy and so you’ll get more impact for your visitors.

Here they are:

As people submit more image frames, we’ll update this page to show the complete selection.

If you want to design and submit one or more image frame templates to include here, please see this page for specs and some downloadable templates to start you off.