Image frames for use on Pinterest by the nIFTTTy scheduler

At Zazzle’s request all image frames except ‘Clean – 6×9’ have been withdrawn because they said they looked too much like ‘official’ adverts from Zazzle.

Scroll down a bit to see the image frame templates made by nIFTTTy users.

If you choose this option to make a schedule specifically for Pinterest, each time the scheduler pins a product, its image will be placed in a randomly-chosen image frame from those shown below.

There’s one exception to this – the first in the list “Clean – 6×9….”. It’s an exception because the frame is not an image in the same sense as the others. Instead it uses a plain frame that adopts the average colour of the product’s image that’s being included.

So with these frames, you’ll get lots of variation to your pins. More than that, because there are five different aspect ratios, your boards will look more appealing, too.

How’s that? Well, people have made frames that have a 9×6 aspect ratio, some 4×5, some 5×7, some 3×4 and some at 1×2. What this means to you is that the images on your boards won’t all be lined up and look boring. Instead they’ll be a bit more higgledy-piggledy and so you’ll get more impact for your visitors.

They’re in three groups, general, plain and themed

Here they are. Note that the dashed borders around each image aren’t included with the image frames, they’re there just to show the edges.



When you want your pins to stand out but you don’t want the possibility of overshadowing the products with coloured frames, then these will work well for you. Each has some call to action text and some also have the Zazzle Promise.


For now, the community has only made enough themed image frames for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you want to make and submit some, scroll down to the end to find out how and what themes we’re looking for.






As people submit more image frames, we’ll update this page to show the complete selection.

If you want to design and submit one or more image frame templates to include here, please see this page for specs and some downloadable templates to start you off.